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  1. Default Boston to Savannah....and a tattoo at every stop! need SUGGESTIONS!

    the Road Trip...january 4, 2012:
    we (2 middle aged chicks and a dog) load the little hatchback with standard road trip gear and GO!...
    we have as long as the money holds out ! but probably 2 or 3 weeks to cruise from BOSTON to SAVANNAH.
    The 2 places we have as •stops• are Asheville NC and Myrtle Beach SC.
    Other than that, we are WIDE OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS!
    we want to veer off the path as much as possible.
    we want to see shrunken head museums, weird caves, whatever! as long as it's amazing for whatever it is.
    we are artists, we are strange ones, we are pretty poor...and I know someone reading this is going to totally GET IT and take a few minutes to guide us to places that we will remember for the rest of our lives!! I thank you in advance...

    IMPORTANT side note!!!:
    as often as physically possible, as we travel on, Im going to get tattooed (starting sleeve here in Boston), and just continue on as my life brings me wherever...letting the 'artist' design anything they want.
    filming it for a documentary (yah, we've made these before)
    Suggestions Welcome there, also!!

    Thanks to you all and wishing us all memorable journeys!


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    Default Two Paths to Veer From

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Sounds like you know, in general, what you want - and it certainly isn't I-95 where it's hard to tell one exit ramp fast food joint collection from another. So, let me just offer you two pretty good alternatives. They diverge a bit as you head south but eventually join up again in Florida. With 2-3 weeks for your adventure, you can easily follow one for a while then cut over to the other as the mood moves you and sample some of the rich heritage and gorgeous countryside in between.


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    awwwwww that's FABULOUS! printing that right now and psyched to have it to read while waiting at the airport today!
    I love the idea of people taking the time to guide others, it becomes a shared experience in a way, so I thank you!
    One question (which you may have addressed, if so...skip it)
    how does the WEATHER factor in to this journey to the best of your knowledge? I don't mind cold, crappy winter stuff (I'm from Boston) but one of the thoughts I had originally was to get on the BlueRidgeMtnPkway, til thankfully, someone said "it's CLOSED!" - (duh). Obviously I haven't gotten OUT of Boston too often! -hahaha

    Thanks again!

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    Default It Will Be What It Will Be

    As a former Maine-iac myself, I can assure you that if you can handle Boston in the winter, you can handle anything you'll see on this trip. The one thing I'm sure I don't have to tell you (which I have trouble getting through to a lot of people from farther south) is that if the roads get too bad, you simply stop driving and put up wherever you are. Unfortunately, the Blue Ridge Parkway is not maintained in the winter. It's simply not a priority for local road crews. The Skyline Drive (with which I'm less familiar) is a toll road and may be maintained, but you should check with them. I have driven parts of the BRP in winter, down around Asheville, and it is gated off where and when closed, almost always at a cross road so that you can easily cut over to parallel highways such as US-11, US-221, or US-19. You wanted adventure and serendipity, right?


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    Default "... a shared experience!"

    Quote Originally Posted by bigbang View Post
    I love the idea of people taking the time to guide others, it becomes a shared experience in a way, so I thank you!
    So please come back here and share your experience, so others may benefit from it.

    And we too, love to read how the trip worked out, where you went, what you did, the highlights and what you would have done differently. And we love to see your pics.


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    Default Winter along the BRP

    As so aptly noted by AZ Buck, the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP) is not categorically closed in winter. There is, however, limited plowing and related snow removal in the National Park Service's budgetl, so segments are subject to closure for days to weeks from December-February or March. Weather closure has nothing to do with local road crews inasmuch as the BRP is a unit of the National Park Service and is in fact a NP all its own, a very long and narrow one. The segments most subject to closure are the higher elevation areas, generally in North Carolina from about Deep Gap to the southern terminus at Cherokee. The area between Little Switzerland and Asheville is very high as are the areas between Asheville and Cherokee.

    Those considering winter travel along the BRP can peruse the official NPS website and access the recorded telephone road condition updates linked there.


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    Default How about a bit of urban exploration?

    Here is a website where you might find some odd and unique locations to visit and explore. Click here to learn more about urban exploration. If you want to find some cool caves off the beaten path, you can contact caving clubs of the National Speleological Society.

    Have fun!

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