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    I'm going on a long one way, fun and exciting road trip with my sister, 3 years old daughter and niece. Are you ready for the scoop? Ok, my starting point is Anaheim, CA on Dec 19th, staying in the midwest for 10 days and final destination will be Virginia Beach. I have a SUV and will be carrying a small trailer. You can only prepare so much, which is what I'm doing, but my only concern is SAFETY. Money and time are not a concern at all. My plan is to take rt 40 until we get to Albuquerque, go North via rt 25 to Denver and jump onto rt 70 east thereafter. I took rt 10 from east to west in just 2 days in the summer of last year, which was perhaps FOOLISH. This time I am allowing the chance to enjoy the scenery winter has to offer, but also allowing for a safer drive. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Default Yeah, don't do that again !!

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    What exactly are your concerns regarding safety ? One of the main issues is driving while fatigued and without trying to sound harsh, your summer trip was about as unsafe as you could possibly be, but luckily you got away with it. I would limit your driving to around 500 miles a day and try and do less, especially when considering the well being of the children. As time isn't an issue you could take time out for a little sight seeing.

    Getting proper rest and feeling secure in a Motel room is also important and it is not regarded safe to pull up in a deserted rest area for a nap in the car.

    Weather can be of concern during December and you should build a bit of 'wiggle' room into your travel plans. If the conditions are not good and are deteriorating then it's wise to get off the road and let the system pass through and let the road crews clear the roads.

    My plan is to take rt 40 until we get to Albuquerque
    I'm not sure if this is routing info or your proposed first stop. If it is the latter you are already pushing beyond the limits of safety.

    If you have any specific questions, just ask. Have a safe and enjoyable trip !

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    You didn't say where in the Midwest you were heading to, for the 10 day overlay, but we took a similar journey last summer. As a matter of fact, we live in San Diego County and have family in MO, so we are constantly burning the highways (and the airways) between the two. For instance, my husband just drove a U-Haul back from MO.

    As Dave said, I'm hoping you're not planning to make the first stop in Albuquerque. That's about 850 miles or so, which is way too long for one day. Flagstaff would be a good first stop, because it's about 400 miles. If you really MUST go further, Winslow would be the next town big enough to have a couple of choices for motels.


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