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    Hi guys, just want to say this site rocks! I'm planning on driving from Vancouver, BC to LA. I have no time restriction although I do plan on getting there the fastest way. I was told the I5 is the best route. I've tried to find post on here regarding peoples experience on the weather conditions during travel at this time of year. I'll be leaving at the start of December. Here's the unfortunate catch.... I drive a c6 corvette, and I'm worried about it in the snow. If there is some serious weather problems is there any possible route I can take to avoid them?! Please, I'd really appreciate some advice.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I-5 is by far the fastest and easiest route for this trip. However, it does go over several mountain passes that can and certainly do see winter storms. Now that doesn't mean that you'll see one when you are traveling, but it is something to be prepared for.

    The real only option to avoid such storms is to take the coast highway, however, the coast highway and fast are not two words that go together. It is an amazingly scenic road, but it takes about twice as much time as I-5. (Two Long days on I-5 vs. about Five Days to take the coast the whole way)

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    Ok, thanks! well I can definitely cutt fast and perhaps unsafe, for scenic and slow! Is it tricky to navigate or is it a stay on highway like I5. If your up for it, you could throw me some directions =)

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    well I've found this site...
    it shows all the places on the i5 to my destination, so I figure if I check the forecast a week in advance it should be ok. I know weather conditions do change at will but I can always stay in a motel/hotel and wait for the bad weather to pass. I just need to know, judging by your expertise, is this site valid or can you suggest a better one? thanks again
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    First, if you want to take the coast highway - basically follow US-101 the whole way. If you look at a map - which you'll want for your trip regardless - it should be pretty easy to see. It is a 2 lane road with many towns and intersecting streets.

    The site you found is basically just a middleman, that provides links to accuweather's forecast in various cities along the way - which is fine., run by the weather channel, also has some nice interstate travel planning forecasts. And perhaps most importantly would be looking at road conditions sites for Oregon and California.

    With all of those, however, I'd be looking a lot closer than a week out. I'd be checking them the day before you leave, and then again as you walk out the door. Even a week out is really too far to have a very good forecast, as any forecast more than 2-3 days away has too many variables to be very accurate.

    But the basic idea - check the weather, and wait out a storm if need be - is exactly what I'd recommend.

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    Michael is right in his advice, to watch the weather. We all know that sometimes even the weather forecasters are making educated guesses. If you carry a laptop or tablet with you, or stop overnight at places where you can access the internet by their computer (such as in a Business Room), you can check each evening for the next day on Weather Channel's Interstate Forecast. (Hint: if carrying a laptop, bookmark that forecast page before you go.)


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