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  1. Default Need advice on Road Trip Miami to New York and back in December


    i am a new member to the form looking for advice on a roadtrip from miami to New York and back. I am planning to leave on 16th Dec and be back by Dec 28th. I have an added complication that I have a baby girl, 1.5 yrs old.

    Query 1.

    Is it feasible to do this with a baby on board ?
    My planned trip iternary is

    Dec 17 Miami --> Kennedy Space Centre (Orlando) --> 3.5
    Dec 17 Titsuville 3:30,4 --> Savannah GA --> 5
    Dec 19 8:00 am (breakfast) --> wilmington --> 5
    Dec 20 Wilmington --> Washington --> 6.5
    Dec 23 DC --> New york --> 5
    Dec 27 NY --> Fayetteville --> 10
    Dec 28 Fayetteville --> Miami --> 12

    The return can be broken down, but plan to stretch and come back.

    Query 2.
    Can you advice on a differnet iternary or any other town's which will come in way which are better than the selections i have given

    Query 3. most important Question, I own a 03 Passat, Its in good condition, regularly serviced etc. Its in reliable condition, Is it better to take this car ? or is it better to take a rental car, a full service and the rental is expected to cost same amount, given insurance is covered by the card. What all should i ensure if its a rental car ? ( i am planning to take from Dollar, miami )

    Query 4. Can you advice on the things to take care of ?

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    It's very feasible with a baby, but NOT in 2 days, especially when you are on I-95 going through some of the worst traffic in the country.

    I would recommend you plan on 3 days each way via the following route:

    I-95 to I-26 to I-77 to I-81 to I-78.

    Suggested overnight stops to break this up into 3 equal days would be Savannah and Roanoke.

    I would take your own car, and get it serviced before you leave. What's the point of owning a car if you aren't going to drive it?

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    Thanks glc,
    The journey to Ny is split across many days, like planning to start on 17th but will reach NY by 23rd only, return i tried making it hectic, but on ur advice, ll try 3 days.

    Car, issue is mine is a 03 passat, which is not known for its reliability, I did go day trips to orlando keywest all, but on a big trip, afraid, if its a rented car, i if there is any issue i can call them and get a new car. similarly insurance, i ll get full cover, in my car i ll have to pay the deductible. I personally love to go in my car, y i queried to the forum .

    I-95 i have seen in miami orlando all seems pretty decent which stretches of I-95 should i avoid ?

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    Default that third day's a must

    I'd strongly agree about avoiding I-95 and most importantly, I would strongly recommend you not try to do NYC to Miami in 2 days. Your travel time estimates just aren't realistic, as you will most certainly be seeing significant travel delays in the NY-Philly-Baltimore-DC areas. Fayetteville to Miami is well over 700 miles and is far too much to be traveling in 1 days, especially with a baby. Even without a child, in ideal conditions, such a drive would be more like a 14 hour trip. Traveling with a baby isn't hard, necessarily, but it does require more stops and more time, which will additionally increase your "planned" travel times.

    Your travel times heading north are also too optimistic, and really don't factor in traffic or time for basic stops. (basically it looks like you make the common error of believing computer mapping programs time estimates). The travel days themselves seem ok - except I think you're probably doing too much if you want to see the space center on day one - but you should just expect to be on the road longer than you've planned.

    There's nothing wrong at all with going with a rental, it really is a matter of personal preference. You've laid out pretty much all the pros/cons, and if it fits into your budget, there's nothing wrong at all with taking the trip in a nearly new car. You certainly wouldn't be alone in making that choice. Here is a rather in-depth discussion we had on that topic a couple years ago.

  5. Default any other return trips ?

    Thanks Michael, That makes sense.. I am planning to do a return in broken approach, instead of Roanoke, savannah, whats your advice if I take the Norfolk and Charleston as return journey ? This is only cause i was thinking if i am making one more stop can use it to see one more place, Roanoke didnt seem to ring the bell that way.

    Can u advice on a better return route ? I would prefer to be back in 3 if not max 4 days though !!

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    Default Setting a Proper Pace

    I like your idea of heading down the coast by way of Norfolk and Charleston on the way home. If you use DE-1/US-13 down the Delmarva Peninsula, this cuts out all the hassle of Baltimore, Washington, and Richmond. Using US-17 most of the way down to Florida makes for a more entertaining drive as well. However, this is a bit slower overall than I-95, so you'll have to be a bit more careful about where you spend your two nights. Charleston to Miami is nearly 600 miles - too much with a toddler. Three evenly spaced days would have you stopping around Windsor, NC and Savannah, GA.


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    Can you sugggest any other town than Savannah, given i am visiting it on journey to NY.
    Also, I have read forum's on winter driving,
    Say, if I am going with a rental, Should I take an SUV vs a CAR - I am seeing conflicting results on searching the web. Can the RTA advice based on experience.
    Do i need to buy and keep snow chains ? If so where should I put them and where can I put them ?
    Also, i dont have the luxury of knowing most of routes, so plan to navigate using my garmin only. Is this advisable ? Do you forsee any issues ?
    ( Some queries may seem a little stupid, but I am just a year in U.S )

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    There is no need to rent a SUV or carry chains along the East Coast, the terrain is mostly flat and elevations are very low. A GPS is fine, but you should also carry a set of paper maps, such as a Rand McNally Road Atlas.

    Other cities within an hour or so of Savannah are Brunswick GA and Charleston SC.

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    geojoe hey,

    I'm a student in UF (Ganiesville) and planing go to NY in the exact same dates that you mention.
    If you want, I would like to join and splite the costs !

    my mail:

    Thank you !

  10. Default How do i pay tolls ?

    i decided on using a rental car, probably a mid size suv ( only cause of luggage needs ) We are not a family that pack light :-)

    I have a big confusion regarding tolls, In FL i was using sunpass mini transponder, I was planning to get the rental toll rather than buying a 25$ transponder

    I found that if i take a easy pass 36.99 per week, 2 weeks will retail me like 73 $, Will this work in New york (E-z pass ) or do i need to take another one ?

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