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  1. Default Need Some suggestions, or a lot suggestions...

    Well, I am kind of nervous posting this thread since I have only little knowledge and experience about road trips.
    And I am a Chinese student studying here so I am not very familiar with some rules or regulations on US roads.

    So I want to drive from Columbus OH to the Salt Lake City, Utah. And then drive back in a different route perhaps, make it a loop. My winter break is from Dec.8th to Jan.2nd so I actually got plenty of time.

    I have been driving for 4 years. However, I only got my car in USA 3 weeks ago. And I have some long-driving experience in China.

    So if anyone could give me some advice about preparation or what kind of website should I take a look at, I would really appreciate.

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    Default We all had to start somewhere.

    No need to be nervous, we were all beginners at one time or another ! Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !!

    So if anyone could give me some advice about preparation or what kind of website should I take a look at, I would really appreciate.
    You have found the very site that covers just about everything you need to know [and more] about road tripping !! Searching around the forums and checking out the planning resources in the tool bars above will be a great place to start. You will find everything from RTA mapping programs that will let you search for attrractions along the way, road tripping techniques and tips, like this page on winter driving and much, much more. You will need to make sure your car is up to date with servicing and generally in good condition and prepared for a winter road trip. When you travel you will need to keep up to date with weather forecasts and road conditions and allow enough time so that in the event of a winter storm, you can pull off the road and let the road crews do their job of clearing them and let the storm pass through.

    Do some research with a good map to hand and as you get some dots on the map and more specific questions come to mind, just ask and we will do what we can to help.

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