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  1. Default New York to Utah, Colorado, Wyoming--is 3 weeks long enough

    Hi all,

    I have just begun planning our 3 week road trip and thankfully stumbled upon this website. Travelling will be myself, my husband and our 3 chilren (15, 13 and 9). This is our first long road trip. We have an RV and will be camping.

    We have 3 weeks to travel and are planning on hitting the road from New York sometime around July 1. The plan is to hit Colorado (mesa Verde, grand junction), Arizona (Grand Canyon), Utah (Bryce Canyon, Arches National Park and possibly monument national park and salt lake city) then Wyoming (Yellowstone and Jackson Hole), south dakota for Mount Rushmore and then head home.

    I am concerned that this is a little to ambitious for a 3 week trip. Do you experienced road trippers think we are taking on too much and that this trip will be more stressful than enjoyable--we want to be able to enjoy these amazing destinations rather than rush through them.

    Thanks so much.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Three weeks looks like a long time until you realize that in an RV, it's going to take you about 4 days (500 mi per day) just to get to Colorado, and about the same amount of time to get back. If you prefer shorter driving days, it takes longer...5 days. With an RV, we always preferred 400-450 mile days rather than the 500 - 600 done in a car! And this is heavy driving, day after day. You may be able to tolerate it, but your kids may be a different story.

    What I do when trying to plan a trip: I get a big map and a calculator. I start figuring mileages, then see how many dots I can connect AND still leave enough time at each park or place. We are the type that likes to enjoy and explore a destination, not just drive through, just like you mentioned.


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    Default Strrrrreeeeeched.

    I think you are right to have concerns that it might be too much. Yes, you could probably cover the miles in an RV in 12 days and see some sites, but for me RV'ing is more about setting down for a couple of days at NP's and the like and enjoying the 'downtime' then it is about being on the go all the time. Of course everyone has different travel styles, but you could easily spend a couple of days at each of Mesa Verde, Arches, Grand canyon, Zion and Bryce canyon and 3 or 4 in the Tetons and Yellowstone and only just scratch the surface.

    I would consider spending your time in the Four corners region or further north in Yellowstone/Rushmore etc, but doing both will really stretch you to the limits of it remaining fun I think. The others will still be there to visit another day.

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    Thanks so much. You have both been a huge help and have confirmed my fears. I will start looking into a revised route. :)

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