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    My name is Lars and I'm from Norway. Me and my family, who is my girlfriend, our two kids (5 and 2 years old), my mum and dad, my sister and her daughter (13 years old), are travelling to the US next summer. We are visiting our family in Milwaukee, so we've booked tickets from Oslo to Chicago and New York to Oslo. We're going to stay in Milwaukee for a week and then drive to New York. So I hope that someone can help me and suggest what to see, cities/towns to visit, routes etc. We have talked about visiting Niagara Falls, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Boston and other places, but we understand that we can't see it all. We're leaving Oslo 14.06.2012 and our return flight from New York is 08.07.2012, so we have a lot of time to spend.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    With a little bit over 3 weeks to travel, you'll have plenty of time to see a few things without driving huge amounts every day. That said....are all 8 people making this road trip? If so, you'll probably need to rent two vehicles. The largest passenger van that's driven with a normal driver's license holds 7 people including the driver. You can get larger vans, but in most states, anything more than 7 passengers requires a commercial bus driver's license. If you rent two vehicles, you'll want to have some way to communicate between the two, such as a pair of family radios. (We've found cell phones to be the back-up system.)

    Next would be to get the entire group to decide where to go. BTW, there's enough to see in three of the cities you mentioned (Philadelphia, Washington DC and Boston) to spend several days in each. Get a good USA map, and see what strikes the entire group. Make sure that there's something along the way for everyone.


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    in most states, anything more than 7 passengers requires a commercial bus driver's license.
    I believe this only applies if you are driving the van for hire. If it's just you and family/friends, you can drive up to a 15 passenger van with a basic license.

    Your home country license is valid here, but if it's not in English you need to get an international driver's permit before you leave - it's simply a translation of your license into about 10 different languages.

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    Default Cities, Lakes and Niagara Falls

    Hi Lars, That's going to be some trip.

    I have to agree with Donna that the best thing you can do is get good map(s) of the Eastern US, or the States through which you will be travelling. As well as the great cities mentioned (allow a good few days for DC), may I suggest the Lake Shores and above all, Niagara Falls. Check to see if your pasport allows you to cross into Canada, where you get the best view of the falls. You can then drive through the mountains to Philidelphia and DC, or go via Boston.

    When you have some dots on the map, we can help you fine tune the trip. Meanwhile, if you have further questions, just ask. There is always someone here to answer them.


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    Default With Time Come Better Options

    As has been noted, you have plenty of time for this journey, and with that time comes the opportunity to do something that most people driving from New York to Chicago could never afford. You can actually see something of the country other than what is arguably the second most heavily traveled urban and truck corridor in the country - I-80. Instead you get to look at some very pleasant alternatives, so let me outline one or two. One would have you head north out of Milwaukee and enjoy some of Wisconsin's dairy countryside. There are glacial deposits (the Kettle Moraine). plane museums (the Experimental Aircraft Association in Oshkosh), Harry Houdini's boyhood home in Appleton, Door County sticking out between Green Bay and Lake Michigan, and then through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to cross the Mackinac Island and visit Colonial Michilimackinac State Historical Park. Continue down through Michigan following the shore of either Lake Michigan or Lake Huron, both of which are studded with National Lakeshores and state parks and only then get on I-80 to start across Ohio. Visit the world class Natural History Museum and/or the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and Cuyahoga Valley National Park just south of town and continue across Pennsylvania with possible stops at the world's first oil well, the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania and the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area before finishing up in New York.

    Another possibility would be to head south, skirting Chicago and hitting up Indianapolis and the famous Motor Speedway, then continue down into Kentucky and Mammoth Cave National Park. From there work your way southeast through Cumberland Gap National Historical Park to Great Smokey Mountains National Park and then follow the Blue Ridge Parkway northeast to Washington and Philadelphia before getting to New York.

    That's what people mean by suggesting that you get out a map and seeing what's on the way that might intrigue or interest you. I give you those two possibilities just to show you the range of what's available to you with the amount of time you have and the distance and countryside you have to cover. Once you have an overall route chosen on the basis of major stops such as those I've mentioned, we should be able to give you even more ideas for places to wisely and enjoyably spend your RoadTrip time.


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