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    Default Just an American Roadtrip

    A friend and I (presently at University), are hoping to go on a roadtrip around the majority of America (mainly stopping at hotspots etc), and I'm just looking for good tips?
    Fair enough it'll be a couple of years because of the car rental age and stuff, but, any advice would be greatly appreciated - also, what's best to hire? A car, or a campervan? I've been looking at various websites already (because my friend is majorly excited and wants to begin prepping) and any recommendations for good, relatively priced hiring companies? Also, we're English, so any good routes to take? Scenic or otherwise?????
    Any advice is greatly appreciated!
    Thanks :)

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    Welcome to RTA! It's good that you're starting to plan early, because it will help you to save the $ you'll need for the trip.

    Car rentals ... can't be done if you're under 21, and you'll pay an underage fee if you're under 25. If renting a car, something comfortable is helpful -- large enough to be comfy, small enough to still get decent fuel mileage!

    As far as a campervan, that's as much a lifestyle choice as it is for budget. Unfortunately, between the extra amount it costs to rent the RV, combined with a larger fuel consumption and then overnight fees, it makes it equal to a motel room for the night. The advantage that it has? You can eat your own cooking OR you can go to a restaurant. You are not forced to eat from a cooler or a restaurant.

    There's a website that you might check about car rentals ... but I can't remember the name of it right now. I'm sure someone else will chime in. It's an overseas consolidator of some sort.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The cheapest way to go is to rent a sedan, be over 25, and do a round trip. Now, cheapest isn't always best but you'll pay a premium for any other vehicle, being under 25 (you need to be at least 21 to rent anything), or doing a one way trip. You can use the reservations tab at the top of the page to compare prices among most the major rental companies.

    beyond that, about all we can say is that this site is full of "good tips." If you have any specific questions we'll be happy to answer, but until you get a bit farther along in your planning, you'll probably be best off simply gathering as much information and as many ideas as you can, from reading and also looking at a good map.

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    Thanks for the help, we've just started planning, so we're weighing our options, but this has actually helped a lot!

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