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    Hey is it safe to drive roughly 500 miles with a car that has about 175,000 miles on it already?

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    My roadtrip vehicle has 253,000 miles on it and I just took it out on a 5,000 mile roadtrip. I've got a second car that I drive 200 miles per day, and I'm about to roll 200,000 miles on that one. So, 175,000 miles by itself isn't an issue.

    But there's a whole lot more to a car's story than just the odometer. Before any major roadtrip, you should get your car inspected by a quality mechanic that can tell you if you've got any safety issues or other potential problems that could cause concern on your trip.
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    Default How Safe Would 5 Be?

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    The fact is that we don't know anything about the car other than that it has a few miles on it. I've routinely run cars to 200,000 miles (plus) with no problem. What matters most is the condition the car is in, not the miles on the odometer. To know that, you would have to take it to a trusted mechanic, have him/her take a good look at the drive train, suspension, safety equipment, exhaust system, etc. Then he/she and only he/she can tell you. But nobody here can give you the faintest idea.


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    Default On the other hand.....

    It was a well maintained vehicle which had 60000 on the clock and had been completely checked over by a mechanic before I set out on an extended roadtrip. In the heart of Alaska the fuel pump siezed to function. Something which could not have been picked up in the mechanical check, neither could it be foreseen.

    Prepare for the best, and be prepared for the worst.


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