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    leaving Mississippi in a few days for an open ended road trip to California. I'll be traveling through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada. for right now. I will be looking to see as many National Parks as I can along the maybe staying for a day or more at some. other than that anyone have any suggestions for sights and experiences.

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    Welcome aboard RTA!

    You didn't tell us how many days you have for the trip, nor if you have a destination in mind or if this is a round trip. We'd need more information to offer up some tips. Also if you have a basic route in mind to get to CA, that would help as well.

    There are so many options - - suggest you look around RTA and see what's along your route. Also get a good US map or atlas and see what strikes you. When you get a better plan of action, we can help you fine-tune it.


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    Default Winging it.

    For an open ended roadtrip, why not just head for the horizon, and see what's there?

    What I would do, in your case is get some good maps (such as AAA) of the States you plan to visit, and get a good idea of what is where. For most part you could wing it, and decide while on the road where to go next.


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    that is what I had in mind just winging it. just seeing if anyone had a special sight or experience to suggest. it doesn't matter where. I'm up for anything.

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    Default I do, and I don't.

    Quote Originally Posted by miked1 View Post
    Just seeing if anyone had a special sight or experience to suggest. It doesn't matter where.
    In some ways I do. But then in other ways I don't. Besides, I know absolutely nothing about you, other than that you are leaving in a few days, do not have time contraints, and are interested in visiting National Parks.

    But I can tell you who can suggest these special sights and experiences.... try the locals. A much under utilised resource. Wherever you are, wherever you go, speak with the locals. And I do not mean necessarily the Welcome centre or the Chamber of Commerce. Ask at reception where you are staying, ask the console operator at the fuel outlets, the checkout lass or lad at the supermarket, the lady in the car parked next to yours, the guy filling his car at the next pump. Ask them what they enjoy locally, which attraction do they value most, where have they been / are they going, etc.?

    And with your interest in National Parks, make sure you never drive past a ranger's station without stopping to ask what they can tell you. I have had rangers send me to the most amazing places. Places where most folk will never go, will never see. And all I did was walk in and ask for a place that is not on the brochures. Someplace he / she treasures but not many folk would take the trouble to see.

    And have a small notebook in your pocket to note things down. Note that signpost you saw. Note that poster at the rest area. Pick up the local newspaper. All of this works best if you stay off the interstates as much as you can.

    Enjoy your trip. Drive safely. And when you are through with it all, and settled down again, please come back here and tell us how it all went. We love to read about your experiences, and see your pictures.


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