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  1. Default NY - Portland, Or (Military Move)

    Hey, so im getting stationed in Portland Oregon and going to be driving from Long Island, NY all the way there. Leaving December 1st. I get 8 days of travel time to do the trip.

    I was reading other posts on the forum and seems like the main routes are and I-84 through Wyoming and I-90 farther north. The thing is my car is a 2010 genesis (Small, lowered, RWD car) and I realllly dont think its gonna be a good idea to drive through deep snow, maybe its a good idea to take a route with less of a chance of bad snow

    What do you guys think? Should I risk the snow or take a more southernly route then go up through California?

    If I take the southern route, can anyone help me out with what the best way to go would be? I doubt i'll have any time but maybe stop at one cool sight on the way.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If you are sticking to the interstates, you'll never be going through deep deep snow. Such highways are the backbone of american commerce and are designed to be used by thousands of people every day of the year. When there is snow, the roads are plowed quickly, especially in the north where they are most adept at dealing with such conditions.

    Going south is no guarentee of good weather, and every single possible cross country route can see winter weather - specifically in your case, going south would mean seeing the potential of snow in Arizona and New Mexico and then again as you go through the mountains of California and Oregon.

    8 days is a nice amount of time that leaves you some wiggle room, even if you saw a major storm on a northern/direct route, you could sit and wait it out for 2 days and still have time to comfortably make the trip.

  3. Default Need Advice! December NY - Portland, Oregon

    Ill be leaving for Portland,Oregon from Long Island, NY this Tuesday (November 29th) I think ill be taking the I-90 route further north instead of I-80 but im not 100%

    Ill be driving about 7-8 hours a day so should take me around 8 days I guess.

    What im really looking for is recommendations on some cool places to stop at and stay for the night on the way, or some nice diners/restauraunts to stop at. Maybe some sights not to far out of the way that I can stop at and take a few quick pictures. Dont really have time to take a full day and do anything, I just want some nice scenary that I can snap a few pictures to remember the trip.


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    Default What's on All the Different Routes

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The two routes you mention are only about 30 miles different on a total length of 3000, about 1%. Hardly worth mentioning. So pick the route that appeals to you the most. Also, 3000 miles can be done in relative ease in 6 days covering 500 miles a day. Even at that pace, you'd have time for some R&R breaks every few hours. With 8 full days, you really do have time for some longer stops, even several half day explorations of venues that particularly appeal to you. Major attractions between New York and Chicago (I-80/I-90) include Delaware Water Gap NRA, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, and major museums in Cleveland and Chicago.

    Between Chicago and Portland via I-90, there's the Circus Museum in Baraboo WI, Badlands National Park, Devils Tower, Little Bighorn Battlefield, and Yellowstone. Via I-80 there's the Amana Colonies, the old Oregon Trail, Flaming Gorge NRA, Salt lake City, the Thousand Springs of the Snake River, and Bruneau Canyon (a personal favorite). Both Routes will have you finishing up on I-84 down the Columbia River Gorge and you should make an attempt to do the Historic Columbia Highway (old US-30) along the lower reaches.


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