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  1. Default November trip: Phoenix, AZ to Philadelphia, PA for Mom, three kids, and two fat dogs.

    A friend of mine will be driving a 10 foot Budget moving truck from Phoenix to Philly next week (2nd week in November). She has never driven more than 200 miles, and she has never driven a moving truck (although she was handy with a big SUV). We've discussed several options including flying, movers, car rentals, trailers, etc....due to financial constraints, this is the option she has chosen.

    Here are my concerns:

    - She will be with her three kids...14, 12, and 9 (quite cramped).

    - Two dogs...a lab and a bull dog....not small.

    - She has decided to put them in the back of the truck...I advised against this, but I don't even know if it's legal? Is it? Is it "only" a ticket if caught, or could she be possibly required to abort the trip if caught?

    - If she chances it (against my recommendation), I'm hoping she'll at least put the dogs in kennels to keep them safer.

    - My preference would be to avoid bad weather if possible as well as excessively steep roads/mountains.
    : Any recommendations on routes?

    Primary route offered online is Phoenix to Globe, AZ, Show Low, AZ up to the I-40 and then to Albuquerque, Amarillo, Oklahoma City, the I-44 to St. Louis, I-70 to Indianapolis, Columbus, and finally Philly.

    Other than cold weather and always a chance of snow, should any part of that route be avoided due to excessively steep roads, freak weather likelihood, difficulty with moving trucks, etc?

    I have insisted that she stop every afternoon/early evening and stay in a motel...she's quite stubborn and thinks she can drive all day long and sleep in the truck.

    Any input is appreciated....preferably in regards to the route. Thanks!


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    Default she needs some help

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Your friends plan is simply not going to work for one reason: There's not room for 4 people to fit into the cab of a Budget (or any) moving truck. A person being in back is certainly not legal, and being crammed up front without seat belts isn't legal either - and of course they are all illegal because they are very very dangerous.

    The dogs being in back might be legal (I really have no idea), but it certainly wouldn't be safe unless they are in a kennel. Inside a kennel, it might be ok.

    4 people sleeping in a moving truck is so rediculous that I've got to think she simply hasn't thought it through at all. First, where are they going to sleep? There's not enough room for 4 people to sit much less sleep, and sleeping in the back is not an option for many reasons - there's probably not going to be any room there either, it would be extremely dangerous since it couldn't be locked, and this is a november trip and they'd have no heat!

    Route wise, the one you've listed is one of several that would work, as long as they are sticking to a fairly direct interstate highway route they shouldn't really have any issues there, but that's really putting the cart about 2 miles ahead of the horse with the other issues with this plan.

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    My husband just got back from a U-Haul trip, Missouri to California. Believe me, Michael is absolutely correct: those seats are made for 3, not 4!!!! Without heat, I'm not sure I'd put doggies in the back with or without a kennel.

    As far as route is concerned, while the route from Phoenix up to Holbrook to I-40 is shorter, but if the weather is not as great as she'd like, she's almost better off going from Phoenix up to Flagstaff and catch I-40 there. That Phoenix-Globe-Showlow-Holbrook route takes you into the mountains on 2-lane roads, but the interstate will be faster and more likely to be kept open.

    But I think the whole problem centers around trying to cram too many people into a phone-booth-sized cab!


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    Default Tough love a tough call.

    Spike, If you cannot persuade your friend that what she is planning is foolhardy and will put herself, her children and her dogs at risk, then please practice tough love, and alert the authorities. Any backlash will be so much more preferable than having to attend a funeral.

    Or seeing the children orphaned.


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    Donna, thank you for your input. I agree with have a good point about the Flagstaff route.

    Basically, I have a good friend who is being required to leave her home and has no other options available in this area due to financial/work reasons. She was planning to move to Philly/New Jersey area to stay with a close friend and start fresh.

    She was under a great deal of stress and short time-constraints...I was trying to do anything I could to help her find the best (most rational) option to move. As of last night, she found out that the New Jersey friend is not able to house her family after all. At this point, she is desperately trying to find out how to get herself and kids back to her family in England (they have been here for five years).

    This is all off-topic for the forum, but I do appreciate the input shared by everyone. Please keep your fingers crossed for them.

    Thank you as well, Lifey, for offering your wisdom of forethought and safety.

    Have a great week everyone...and safe driving!


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