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    Default Trip from San Francisco to Kansas(winter?)

    Hi, new member here! Great site and excellent info.

    Ive search but id like more new info on my first long road trip.

    Well here is my info on my trip. I will be driving from SF, CA sometime around Jan. to Ft.Riley KS. I think giving my self 3day should be enough. My vehicle is a sports car (Honda S2000), so what would be my road conditions be if i take I80 as to what "google maps" suggest. I know its a few months out and would be hard to know the conditions till a week prior to the trip. Ive never driven in winter/icy/snow condition's due to wonderful califorina weather.

    I will also be alone on this trip, ive already have a plan to take blankets, survival kits etc.

    I hope this is enough info for you all to help a first timer traveling the mid west.

    Much appreciated!

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    Default You Need to Be Prepared for More

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Three days is the minimum required for a solo drive from San Francisco to Fort Riley And not only will you not know what the weather will be more than a week before departure, you will not know with any worthwhile degree of certainty what the weather on the plains will be even when you are leaving San Francisco. Further, trying to avoid any bad weather by taking a more southerly route than I-80, say I-40 through Arizona and New Mexico will still take you up to 7,000 to 8,000 feet and run the very real possibility of still seeing snow (or worse, sleet) but pretty much guarantees that you can't make it in three days even if you see perfect weather. Remember that the days will be shorter than normal, both because it is winter and you are heading east and will lose just about an hour a day to longitude changes. Your best bet for this trip is to make sure that you have a fourth day available should you need it and to just sit out any inclement weather that is beyond the capabilities of your driver/car combination Let the road crews do their job, and only then get back on the road.


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    Three days is a good aim (500-600 mi per day) o, but to have that fourth day as a "buffer zone" is good advice. I would recommend taking interstates all the way, as they are the first to be plowed and sanded - - the commercial trucking industry depends on this! Take I-80 East to I-25 south into Denver, then I-70 East into Kansas.

    We've been past Fort Riley many times, and it looks like a nice place to hang out. There is a 2 hour different in time zones, as AZBuck has said. A good first night would be in Elko or Wells, NV, the next night in Rawlins or Laramie, WY, and then Fort Riley the next day. Three very long days, though, considering the shortness of daylight at this time of the year. You really don't want to try to drive at night in the winter, if you can help it.


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    Thanks for the quick response. I will prolly give myself more time to get there and instead of 3days ill do about 4 1/2 days. But depending on how the weather will be when the time comes ill decide to either drive or ship the car. Thanks again.

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