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How do they manage to make such an easy, obvious task so darn difficult!!!
... or at least, I'll have a guess at it.

When I was doing the course to become a Tour Guide, it quickly became clear to me that my younger class mates had absolutely no idea of the variety of situations which can occur in real life. We were of course, taught all the standard procedures for all the standard situations which typically happen out there.... in the big wide world.

Much to the tutor's annoyance, I kept throwing up hypotheticals - a la Geoffrey Robertson's Hypotheticals - of what could happen, and what had not yet been considered. It was not in the course material, and often the tutor did not have an answer.

If, instead of all this class room teaching which goes on these days - with a piece of paper (but no experience) at the end - young people learned their trade on the job - the old apprenticeship way - they would come across real world situations, and learn to handle them. But alas! Such is not the way of the world.... these days!

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Congratulations on reaching 2000 posts BTW!! ;-) lol
Thank you. It took me quite by surprise.