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    This July my roommate and I will be going to college in Paris Texas and I want to put together a road trip full of stuff to do. We have places to stay in San Antonio, Austin, Waco and Dallas. Were up for anything such as roadside stops eating challenges, anything and everything we just need ideas.

    Thank You!

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    Default A little more information please.

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    Sounds like a great idea, roadtripping around TX. Before we can help you, we need to know a little more about you, your interests and plans.

    When are you taking this trip?
    How long do you have for this trip?
    What are your interests? What are your room-mate's interests?
    What is your budget?

    If you spend some time reading through the forums and the RoadTrip Field Reports, as well as the articles and advice from the green bar above, you are bound to find some things which will spark your imagination.

    When you have some more specific questions, feel free to come back. There is always someone to help you.


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    Default One of the very best resources

    Turns out that some of our colleagues have created just about the best site there is for exploring back roads and small towns in Texas. is always my first choice when I have some time to cruise in Texas. Another resource is this this site... one of our contributors, Aaron Reed, is as fond of discovering those little out-of-the-way gems as I am. Here are some of his articles to get you started...

    Friday Escape, Small-Town Hospitality

    Austin, Live: An Insider's Guide to Music, Restaurants and Roadside Attractions

    Time Out on the Third Coast

    Sweet Water, Swollen River

    A Sunday Drive in the Texas Hill Country

    Into the Deep, Deep Past of Texas

    and there are several more....


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    we will be taking it in July of 2012 and probably about a wk or 2 for travel. Not much of a budget we just really want to experience what Texas has to offer. Like I said were up for anything sports food site seeing random stops to see something worthwhile. I mean were up for anything. We just want to have some great stories and experiences for life you only get one shot so do all you can while you can!

    thanks for the help so far!!

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    Default The way I like it.

    Quote Originally Posted by texas4life View Post
    We just want to have some great stories and experiences for life you only get one shot so do all you can while you can!
    That is exactly the way I like to travel, creating my own story... not copy-catting the trips and stories of others. In fact, I have just come up with my slogan for my next trip - Heading for the Horizon.

    I suggest you do a little research, especially about free activities, and low cost activities, and low cost accommodation... though you said you have accommodation in several places. That should help.

    And then just hit the road. Stay off the interstates, and head for the horizon. When you see something of interest, investigate (and document) it. When you see a sign or indicator to something which sounds like it may be unusual - a town's name, a quirkey site, an unusual feature - follow it, and see what it is all about. These make the best road trips.

    It is not essential to plan every place and every day. Many of us wing it, and have the most amazing experiences. You just need to get out there and do it.

    And then come back here and share your great stories and experiences, all you have seen and where you have been.


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