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    We are to girls going on a road trip in the USA.
    We have some questions that we hope you can answer.
    We will travel by car from Miami to New York. Wonder if it's reasonable to go the distance in two weeks without the rush?
    What do you think it will cost? We will rent a car (we are under25 years), food and accommodation?

    Are happy to receive general tips as well!

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    Certainly you can drive from Miami to New York in two weeks without feeling rushed at all. In fact, that is quite a leisurely pace and would let you see much of what is on the way. However, there are a couple of major hurdles with renting a car AND keeping the cost of your trip down. The first is that you are both under 25. That means that you will almost certainly be hit with the "underage drivers fee" of $25 per day per person. If you both plan to drive, that's an extra $700 on top of the standard rental fee of around $500-600. Then there's the one-way drop off fee for picking up the car in Miami and dropping it off in New York, another $200-300. Now, you don't say where you're from, but sometimes one or even both fees can be waived if you arrange your rental through an offshore (local to you) consolidator. Beyond those costs, I usually use a number of #150/day for two people to cover accommodations, food, and other incidentals (but not gas). You may be able to do a little better than that depending on how basic you want your amenities but, as noted, your major obstacle will be the car rental fees.


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