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    Hello Everyone,
    I am planning on a road trip for 10 days or more starting on NOV 2,2011. I am 25 and almost lived my entire life in and around Boston, NH and Maine. I got a chance to go on a road trip and experience true america. I am searching for good sight seeings and places to visit along the way, but internet is too much to look at and too much information. I am preferring South route as its almost winter, Please suggest spots and sites to visit.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The big question is this a round trip or a one way trip? 10 days isn't a ton of time, but it is enough to make the trip one way comfortably with some time for a few extras, however, it really isn't enough time for a round trip.

    It should also be noted that South doesn't mean better winter weather, as pretty much every part of the country can and does see storms of either snow or ice.

    Beyond that, there is too much information because there is just too much to see and do in the US to narrow it down into a nice tidy list. The reality is, without at least a few dots on a map from you, and some ideas of what you are interested in, there's just no way for us to narrow down all the many things you could see and do. Once you get more of a starting point, we can help you fill in the gaps.

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    Thanks for the input Micheal, Its a one way trip, this is the plan i am thinking about,
    1) Maine to Chicago - Rock n Roll hall of fame in Cleveland,ohio, other than that i cant think of nothing.
    2) Chicago to St.louis - St.Louis Arch and in between Springfield, IL
    3) st.Louis to Boulder,CO - Blank,i cant think of nothing
    4) In Colarado - 3 mile Canyon, Great Divide
    5) Utha - Moab,Utah - Arches Mounuments and Natural Bridges national Monument and pueblo indians
    6) Arizona - Petrified Forest
    7) Grand Canyon
    8) Las Vegas and finally Los Angeles.

    Does the above plan look ok or can i add or remove anything from above? I am thinking of hiking here and there.. any suggestions? There is no particular time frame, this trip can be 10-15 days, if am just going to fly back to boston from LA.

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    Default Some thoughts

    On the first step of your trip, you could stop at Niagara Falls on your way towards Cleveland.

    St. Louis to Boulder is a two-day trip, so having nothing to look forward to on this stretch isn't any fun - let's correct that. Kansas City is on this route, and is known for its barbecue, so if it were me I'd be looking forward to that.

    What can we find in Kansas? How about:
    Monument Rocks
    The world's largest hand-dug well
    The Cathedral of the Plains
    Spend some time in a salt mine
    The Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

    You'll also be going through Denver, and I'd think just seeing the city and taking to the streets would be interesting.

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    Default Some more thoughts.

    Have you looked at the 'Maps' link in the green tool bar above. You will find the RTA mapping programs [Map Wizard and Map centre for building custom maps] where you can make routes and find attractions up to 100 miles from them, or just click on the map to find attractions in that area.

    If it "can be 15 days", then as close to 15 days as possible is what I would take and have the time available to explore at a reasonable pace and do some hikes that you mention. I presume your 1,2, 3 list of places above, is just that [a list] and not planned overnight stops. With no major site seeing you shouldn't plan to cover much above 550 miles per day on a multi day trip. This would put you on the road for 9-10 hours with time for short rest breaks and to fill with fuel [you and the vehicle] and go to the bathroom etc.

    but internet is too much to look at and too much information.
    Although I understand that you can suffer from information overload, I don't think you can ever really have too much. [Knowledge is not a burden to carry. ;-) ] Once you have found places that really appeal to you and your tastes and have some dots on the map, the rest will fall into place and thats where research comes in. On that note I would suggest you keep studying the map and searching around RTA for ideas, and as you build your itinerary keep asking questions 'as' and 'when'.

    Some options from Denver to LA.

    Not far from Boulder is Estes park, bordering Rocky mountain NP and offering wonderful hikes around Bear lake and many others nearby. Just off I70 past Georgetown you will find US6 to Keystone that will take you over the spectacular Loveland pass that crosses the continental divide at almost 12000ft, you will also find Colorado National monument near Fruita/Grand junction a short way from I70. Take US6/UT128 through Castle valley from I70 to Monument valley, it's a great drive alongside the river and through the red rocks. From Natural bridges you can head down the rather exciting 'Moki Dugway', past Goosenecks State park [worth a short detour for the view of the river] and through Monument valley. If Petrified forest remains on your list you could drive down past Canyon De Chelley to I40. As you approach Flagstaff you can head north on 89 [ Sunset crater] to Cameron and into the South rim of GC NP along Desert view drive to the village. When you have finished at GC head out through Tusayan and back to I40, from where you might like a detour onto part of old route 66 through Seligman before stopping at the Hoover dam on route to Vegas.
    From Vegas you could head across the wonderful landscape of Death valley or through the Mojave National preserve and Joshua tree NP.

    These are just a few of the thousands of options open to you, but with your limited time you are going to have to pick and choose to your tastes. Check conditions as you go, especially around the Colorado Rockies.

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    In your request, you said that you also wanted to see the true America. With this in mind, i would recommend the stop at Niagra Falls and the Rock n Roll hall of fame in route to Chicago.
    Then take old route 66 all the way to Los Angeles (be sure to use a good guide book to get the route correct). You will see both the way small town America is today and the way it was in the past. There are not as many National Parks along the way but you will get a good insight into what America is like.

    It should be noted that this route will take closer to two weeks to make than the 10 days

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