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    Has anyone ever travelled the Ohio from start to finish? If so, did you just use maps as a guide or are there books on it? By books, I mean, I own a book called "Road Trip USA" that has 11 cross country roadtrips. I've tried finding information on it, but haven't found anything. It's a trip I would like to do at some point and have no problem just getting out and going (I have the DeLorme maps for all the states involved) and have been on a part of it. Wouldn't even care if there was something with just "the basics" on what to see and do, other than some of the obvious: Cincinnati, Huntington, Point Pleasant/Gallipolis. Also, if you have done this, how long did you spend? I'm thinking both sides of the river, at least a week on each side, not counting any multiple days in some cities. Most of what I've seen of the Ohio is in KY and OH.
    I don't need to know everything about the route, but I would like to have some of the basics. I know I can web-search it, but sometimes the best stuff comes from people who have actually travelled it. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.

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    Default Local knowledge

    Quote Originally Posted by shotgun navigator View Post
    ... but sometimes the best stuff comes from people who have actually travelled it.
    And sometimes the best stuff comes from the locals. If I were to take this trip, I would, as I do most trips, ask at every city, town or tiny settlement along the way... or even those a little out of the way. There's nothing like that local knowledge. Most of it you won't find it in books, nor on the web.


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I have by no means driven all of the Ohio River, but I have driven one chunk that basically covered the section that forms the boundary between Kentucky and Ohio. What struck me about that drive was how rural and scenic it was. If you look at the map of the Ohio from Pittsburgh to Cairo, you will note that there are a few large cities such as Wheeling, Cincinnati, Louisville, and maybe Evansville, it is otherwise surprisingly sparsely populated. On the other hand, while for most of its length there are good US and state highways on both sides of the river, there are a few places where the river is 'lost' in the sense that you can't easily get to it by car.

    So, that's the long way of saying that yes, I think you could have a great adventure exploring the river and the land on both sides of it. A couple of resources you might want to make use of include the National Forests along it including Wayne in Ohio, Hoosier in Indiana, and Shawnee in Illinois. Then there are the state parks, most notably Falls of the Ohio in Clarksville IN. And there are a few National Parks that would make great side trips such as Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area in Kentucky.

    This will require quite a bit of research on your part, but rest assured, it will pay off in a great trip.


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    Thanks for the input, both of you!!

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