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    So we canned the idea of driving to Yellowstone at the end of this month due to weather conditions and seasonal closures. Now we are thinking of driving to the Ozark National Forest. We have 9 days in a car (no kids, pets) with straight through driving to get there (22 hrs?) and the last day or two to drive back. We hope to do some hiking, lots of fishing (Norfork Lake?) and maybe some kayaking. The one thing we are unsure of is whether to camp or stay at a cabin maybe near the lake. We don't want to spend much on lodging and prefer to be outdoors, but not sure about the weather. Thoughts on this type of road trip and lodging? Would you camp or lodge? What about established campsites versus back country? Is it better near the lake? We've never traveled to this area before and really think we would enjoy it, but hope it is not too late in the year.


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    Before anything else can be said, we have to say that we hope you aren't being serious when you talk about driving non-stop from Phoenix to the Ozarks. Its a drive of more than 1200 miles, and attempting to do this in one sitting with just 2 people in the car is beyond dangerous. Not only will you be severely endangering the life and safety of yourselves and everyone else on the road, but it is counter-productive, as anyone who has done something like that can tell you, you will be exhausted for several days after simply unable to enjoy your trip.

    As far as the rest of your questions, nearly all of them are purely things that come down to your personal preference. If you have good 3/4 season camping gear, you could certainly go that route. The average low temps at night are going to be around 40, but you certainly could see things dip below freezing if that kind of weather system moves through. If that doesn't sound good to you, then a lodge would probably be a better choice. As far as where to camp (developed/backcountry/lake), again, that's completely a matter of your own tastes, and presumably since you seem to have a fair amount of experience camping, that's something that you should know what you like best based on what you know about yourself and what you've done in the past.

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    We will probably stop along the way. Now we are leaning more towards setting up base camp (tent) somewhere along Jack's Fork or Current River area in MO. This will give us some paddling time during the week. We are not sure yet which area is best, but prefer calm waters. We can daytrip out from there for various activities. We were disappointed to hear about the local caves closing due to white nose disease with the bats. There seems to be plenty to do though. Next we will check out some of the local hiking trails.

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