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    Hey there! I'm a first-time poster! I have some questions about the South and was hoping for some help!

    My brother is graduating boot camp at Fort Benning right around Thanksgiving and I'm heading out to watch. I'll be in Atlanta on a Monday, Fort Benning on a Tuesday and then I'm free all the way until Sunday. So I've got 5 days to screw around in the South, and I'm wondering what I should do. I already know I'm going to go to Savannah and Charleston before heading back to Atlanta to catch my flight. I leave late Sunday night, so I was planning on seeing more of Atlanta then as well.

    Bit of a background on me, so maybe you can tailor your trip advice: I'm young guy and ready for a bit of an adventure. I like nightlife and good food and drinks, culture, art, music, a little bit of shopping (though I prefer to shop for quirky, old-timey, one-of-a-kind type things as opposed to chain stores at malls). I love the weird, wild, crazy stuff. I love Americana. I love BBQ. I love beer.

    I want to find the "locals only" type places on (and off) the road. I want to really see the South on my way to Savannah, and Charleston, and back to Atlanta. I love a good breakfast place, some good coffee, good dinner and lunch spots. Good antique stores along the way would be a major plus! Historical sites, points of interest, etc. Give me the full run-down!

    I'd really appreciate your help here; I've never been to the South and I want to experience it to the fullest! (I know there's a lot more to the South than just these three cities, but those are the places I'm going this time around. If there are must-sees along the way, I'd love a heads up.)

    Thanks in advance everyone!

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    Default Two Generic Travel Lessons

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Here are two pointers that will greatly enhance your ability to make the most of this trip and every other trip you make in the future:

    1) For partying and youthful night life, one can hardly do better than to head for the major college towns. In your case, these should include the major players: the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Clemson in Clemson, and the University of South Carolina in Columbia. But don't overlook some 'smaller' venues such as Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah and South Carolina State in Orangeburg.

    2) For the best in local cuisine and shopping: Inquire locally. A case in point. When I was last in Charleston, my wife and I wanted some truly local barbeque. After several inquiries we were struck by how often we had been referred to a 'joint' west of town "that nobody knew about". True enough when we got there, there was no advertising, not even a sign on the building, and the joint was only open one or two days a week. I can't remember the name, or even if it had a name. It was just out somewhere "by the tracks" in either Harleyville or Holly Hill or somewhere near there. The only way I'd ever find it again would be to take my own advice and inquire locally. Besides, that's the best way to meet the locals.


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    Good advice. Thanks!

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