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  1. Default November RV trip from So Cal to Grand Canyon

    We are planning a 4/5 day RV trip with 2 kids (10 yrs. & 8 yrs.) from So. California to Grand Canyon, maybe stopping at Hoover Dam as well. This will be our first RV road trip and we would welcome any advice from any of you trip veterans. I guess we're going to South Rim since I read North Rim is closed during November. Things to remember? Places to visit? Things to be aware of? Must haves in RV? Ways to avoid added RV rental expenses?

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    Default Making the Most of What You've Paid For

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    Perhaps the biggest expense that you can avoid is the one-way drop-off fee. You have just enough time to make this a loop trip so that you can return the RV to the same place that you rent it from. It would be a fairly long day from "Southern California" to the Grand Canyon, but it is doable, particularly if you camp around Williams or in the Kaibab National Forest south of the Canyon (another savings). While in the National Park, be sure to sign your children up for the Junior Ranger Program (free) and attend at least one Ranger presentation (free).

    Hoover Dam is far enough out of the way and congested enough that I would recommend giving it a pass on this trip with your ungainly vehicle and instead, return by way of Phoenix to Casa Grande (another Junior Ranger possibility), then I-8 through Dateland (stop for the famous date shakes), and Yuma to the Salton Sea (112 feet below sea level) and back to "Southern California".

    Other ways to save include not succumbing to the temptation to eat out at restaurants. You'll be going to the expense of bringing a kitchen with you, don't waste it. If you can manage without, look for campsites without hookups. If you don't need 120 volts and running water, why pay for them?


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    When you're looking at the map ... the Casa Grande Ruins are actually in Coolidge, AZ.


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    Default Camp at the south rim.

    To make the most of your visit to the south rim of the Grand canyon, use one of there campgrounds. Mather campground does not have hook ups, but you should have a built in generator in with your RV for when you are using extra power. [Charges apply and there are silent hours at night/early morning when you can't use it. The Trailer village has hook ups, but will cost more.

    Must haves in RV?
    Beer, firewood, lighter and food ! [In my preferred order !] The propane tank should be full on departure and make sure the RV fuel tank is not too low when you arrive. The generator runs off of the RV tank and if it goes below a quarter of a tank [I think it's a Qtr] the generator will shut down. This is a safety feature so that people don't get stranded in the wilderness with no fuel left to drive out.

    I would try and make it 5 days as you have 2 full days traveling there and back without stops [Remember, it will be slower and take longer in an RV so you might want to stop a little earlier on the way out and get a couple of hours under your belt the day before having to arrive back] and I would advise you stay a couple of days at the Grand canyon [or at least a day and a half] leaving you with time for a couple of stops along the way.

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