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    I've been toying with the idea of a trip from Detroit to San Francisco for a year, and now I finally have the time/resources to do it. The plan is to pack up me and my dog and move out to Frisco, going along Route 2 to Vancouver, then down the coast to Portland, Seattle, and end in SF, where I have family and friends. I want to do a lot of camping to save money, take my time to see different American cultures (as an aspiring photojournalist/project I'm working on), and spend somewhere between 2 weeks and a month on the road. The catch: Im a 21 year old girl camping alone without any legit roadtripping under my belt. Sure I have my dog, and I'm used to driving a lot. But how cold is it going to be? Will off-season campgrounds be safe? Currently I'm planning on leaving between Oct 12 and 16. Any tips/suggestions/destinations would be appreciated. Im thinking of it as...a personal spirit journey.

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    Predicting how cold it will be is a difficult task. For instance, I would have expected a frost at my home weeks ago, but it has yet to happen this year. The key is to be prepared for the conditions you are likely to face, which would include some chilly nights and crisp days. Off-season camping is as safe as any other time of year. Depending on the location, of course - if it's bear country you might want to second guess staying in such a location.

    With all that, going on a month-long excursion, alone, without any previous experience, may be a recipe for hardship. Add to that the time of year and weather concerns, and you might find yourself having a difficult time. The key is to remain flexible enough in your plans that, if you should find yourself having a rough time, you can change course and head to San Francisco earlier than originally planned.

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    Thanks for the reply. Assuming I made the long haul along the north and then headed down the coast once I got to Seattle, how long should I expect to be on the road--making forward progress every day that is? I'm hoping to see some people in Seattle or Portland, but I'm also prepared to make a longer trip out of a straighter route since its my first time going solo. That would probably mean I-80, but maybe staying on the sideroads, same plan for camping and such. Thoughts?

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    Detroit to SF via Seattle is over 3000 miles - so you could probably do it easily in 10 days dedicated driving not taking Interstate highways. If you have 2 weeks to a month, you won't have any problem.

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