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  1. Default April weather in CA, NV, AZ, NM, TX, LA

    ME and my wife are planning a road trip in april over California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, TExas and Louisiana.
    What is the weather like in that time? How rainy it is? And what about tornados? What is the possibility of tornados in those states? Is April good for planning a road trip or would be better to think about another month?
    Any info or advise greatly appreciated.


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    Default This is a very large nation...........

    .......and you're looking at RoadTripping through at least 1/3 of its area, possibly as much as 1/2. CA and TX alone are probably over 20% of the lower 48.

    Hello Danilo,

    There's just no way to generalize on weather on such a huge geographic area. Yes, tornados and hail are possible, particularly in TX and LA. Snow, sleet, and freezing rain are possible pretty much everywhere else you listed, possibly excepting LA.

    In all of the listed states, excepting LA, elevation will determine temperatures and weather. Each listed state has areas with enough elevation variances to make generalization all but impossible.

    If you have some specific areas within the listed states you're wanting to visit, more specific weather expectations MAY be possible.


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    April can be absolutely gorgeous in both CA and AZ, or it can be miserable!!! So as Foy says, there's no generalizations. Also, CA is the 4th largest state, and we have many climate zones. The deserts - - Death Valley, Imperial Valley -- can be very pleasant in April. The tops of the mountains can still be cold (or they can be gorgeous). I'm speaking here only of Southern CA here, as that's the part I'm most familiar with "April in California".

    As for Arizona ...southern Arizona can start to get very warm in April. Yet Northern Arizona can still catch a snowfall or two! By "Southern", I mean about Phoenix and points south.


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    Thanks for the answers. Well, for better planning, here is how we want to travel:
    1. san francisco
    2. yosemite n.p.
    3. death valley
    4. las vegas, kingman (grand canyon caverns), flagstaff
    5. grand canyon
    6. monument valley, utah (forgot to mention previously, that we will visit Utah shortly)
    7. over whole Arizona to Tombstone (coronado trail, apache national forest)
    8. diagonal over New Mexico to Amarillo,Texas
    9. also forgot to mention, that maybe we will then go to Oklahoma and back again to Texas.
    10. austin, san antonio, houston
    11. new orleans

    According to your answers I don't think, that april would be a good month for travel. Especially with rain and possibllity of snowfall. Travling in such conditions is not what you want on vacation.
    The only problem is, that going from Europe to USA is much much much cheaper in April.
    For example, I have checked the dates and rates on Flying in April is almost 600€ cheaper than in June! That is, if I make a reservation today, of course. I still hope, that the price for June will go down in coming months.

    Anyway, thanks for your answers.

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    April is absolutely beautiful in Yosemite, you just won't be able to go to the higher elevations (Glacier Point, Tioga Pass). The rest of your trip should have very agreeable weather. Go for it!

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