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    hello all,
    first I want to apologize for my american lenguage level, is not very fluid, I know.
    I'm from Barcelona (spain) and I would like to make a tour of some states in USA, but I have only seven days...!!
    Last year I was visiting the west coast in California, Nevada and Arizona and this year I'd like to visit the eastern and center.
    My idea is to arrive by plane to a city in the east and then rent a car and make roadtrip.
    what roadtrip can i do in seven days??..
    What car rental company can i contact??

    Thank you so much..!!
    see you..

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    Bienvenido al bordo RoadTrip América foros! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The beauty of having a week at your disposal and a target as big as "a city in the east" is that you can choose your city on the basis of cost (combined airfare and car rental) and then do a loop drive that lets you see a lot of the eastern part of the country before retuning to your gateway city. With a week it really doesn't matter too much where you arrive/depart. And where you go or what you see will depend entirely on your interests. For example if history is your thing, then New England and the Middle Atlantic would be a good area with Boston Philadelphia, Washington, Jamestown, Plymouth, etc. If beaches are more enticing, then somewhere on the southern coast including the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Charleston, Cumberland Island National Seashore, Daytona Beach, etc. If you're into hiking then the Appalachian Mountains offer a number of great opportunities among which are Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Shenandoah National Park, the Appalachian Trail, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and more.

    So your first job is to narrow down what it is you want to see and do. As for finding a rental agency, most of the major companies in the US offer similar levels of vehicles and service, so you might as well shop on the basis of price. You can start by comparing them on our own search engine. Once you have a better defined target and set of objectives, we can help some more by suggesting some more specific advice.


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    thanks for the quick response Azbuck.
    You're right...i need to know what i want and do.I'd like to trip around typical american villages with their tipical restaurants, houses and more and sleep in typical motels of the area.I don't like history and i don't want visit big citys..lots of know?
    I'll report on potential cities that might interest me and I will comment you.
    Thank you..!!
    See you

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