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    Hello Road Trippers! Planning a trip from Little Rock to Port Canaveral, FL for a cruise. We've done this trip once before - I cannot remember how we broke the trip up but I do remember we spent one night in Dothan, AL and then we arrived in Port Canavarel late Thursday evening. Have kind of the same plan for this trip except we've thought about routing so we could maybe spend a night on the Gulf Coast. We enjoy having a day to chill out and relax from the big drive and we want to end up no more than a two hour drive of the port on departure day which is Saturday.

    We aren't interstate fans but also recognize that it takes a certain amount of time to cover that much mileage! We both battle a bit of arthritis so frequent stops to stretch for a few minutes are always built into my planning. Would love to hear any ideas about possible routes and overnight stopping points. We get off work around 5 on Wednesday and we like to be checked in at the ship by 1:00 - everything in between is open to negotiation!

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    First off, I wouldn't recommend you leave Wednesday evening and drive through the night unless you simply want to get a 2 or 3 hour jump. You probably realize that Little Rock to Canaveral is a full 2 day drive via fastest route, so you don't have too much time to play with. What you might want to do is head for Memphis (about 2 hours) to spend the night, then take I-55 all the way to I-12 to I-10, head along the gulf coast on I-10 and/or US-90. You would have to make it at least as far as Mobile to have a reasonable drive the next day. If you can get farther, that would open up more possibilities for non-Interstate travel the next day. To get within 2 hours of Canaveral, about the farthest away you could be would be Tampa. Other closer possibilities would be Lakeland, Kissimmee, or Orlando.

    If you want to "cut the corner" you could get off I-55 in Jackson and take US-49 to Hattiesburg and US-98 to Mobile.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Finding solutions to particular and tightly bound travel problems is always vexing, but let's see what we can find to meet your needs. First, let me say that I'm not clear on exactly how long you're planning for this drive, but I'm going to assume that you have one evening (a few hours), two full days, and one morning (a couple of hours). Otherwise you simply don't have time to fulfill all your requirements.

    Your first task is to find a convenient place to cross the Mississippi. The farther south you go the fewer there are, and even fewer that wouldn't presume (if not require) sticking to the Interstates. But one good alternative is to take I-165 down to Pine Bluff - I'd make this one concession to the Interstates to get you out of Little Rock during the tail end of rush hour traffic - and then US-65/US-265/US-278 to Greenville MS, which would be your first evening's stop.

    The next day (your first full day on the road) you'd take US-82 east out of Greenville to US-49(W) down through Jackson and on to Hattiesburg. From there US-98 will take you to Mobile AL and the Gulf coast. Youcan then use US-98 to follow the Gulf all the way to Perry FL where US-19/Alt US-29, County Road 386 north of Ocala, and FL-40 will put you on I-95 about an hour north of Port Canaveral. Your two stops at the ends of your two full days on the road would be in the vicinity of Pensacola and Daytona Beach FL. That leaves you covering about 400 miles on each of your two full days, Given that you want to stay off the Interstates and make frequent stops, I think that's about what you should plan on.


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    glc and AZBuck - thanks so much for the suggestions! I've been known to "overestimate" how much we can pack into a day's drive before! AZBuck we used several of your suggestions during our drive to Maine a couple of years ago and really enjoyed the off the beaten track trips! Anybody have recommendations for beach accomodations in Pensacola and anywhere between Daytona Beach and Port Canaveral?

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