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    My sister and I are planning to take a road trip in middle October and we want to do it right. We will make our first stop in New Albany, Mississippi to see our grandmother, but from there we want to go to FLorida to see our grandfather. This is where we want to see the "south and stay off the interstates as much as possible. I know we want to visit New Orleans, but from there it seems there isnt a lot of "tourism" that is on the internet. Ive searched this website high and low of certain places, but have only compiled a list of about 10 places i want to see. Anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks, Ben

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm really not sure at all about what you mean by there "isn't a lot of tourism" on the internet. On this site alone, there are a few hundred attraction ideas that cover the general area you are talking about, and that's just here. That doesn't even get into how much more you can find by looking elsewhere on the web, like at State Dept. of Tourism sites for the areas you want to go. And of course, you can go low-tech and head to your library and/or bookstore and find dozens upon dozens of books with tourism suggestions.

    As far as what you should see, or what we can recommend, that really depends upon what you are looking for. At this point, you haven't said anything about what you are actually interested in seeing/doing, nor have you said anything about how much time you have. Really all we know are some very general ideas like Indiana, Florida, New Orleans, and we need more than that for our suggestions to be more than shots in the dark.

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    I hope that link works, but there is the most revised route we are going to take (not including the stop we may make that we are looking for on this site)

    We are interested in anything really, i guess the list of what we are NOT interested would be shorter. Not really interested in War Memorials, for Indiana has A LOT. Museums and corny birth place towns arent really our thing either. (Elvis However is my aunt's favorite and we will be visiting Tupelo, MS for that). I guess uniqueness is what we are looking for, not resorts or casinos. Something that makes a certain town or city special. For example, i thought the King and Queen of the Gypsies graves seemed like a cool thing, because now ill learn about them and see it for myself. We have about 9 days and id like to save 5 of those days for family.

    OUr route isnt set in stone, therefor we wouldnt mind altering it, but not too far. Thanks

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