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    I am planning our last vacation for a while from Florida to West Virginia. It will be the week of Thanksgiving. We have 5 days to get there. So that's 5 Days of sightseeing, touring etc. Only thing is we will have a 16 month old with us! Any Great places to stop and see, eat, or stay anywhere in GA/NC/Va would be great. Thanks!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You're going to have to be far more specific before we can offer any specific help. "Florida" and "West Virginia" are very big places, so we really don't even know where this trip will start or end, and you haven't said a word about what kinds of things would qualify as "great places" to you before we could even have a clue as to how to narrow down the thousands of "great places" that you could see.

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    It doesnt matter "where" the stops are. We are traveling through GA NC VA and into Buckhannon WV. I dont care if we zig zag through the states! And "great places" to anyone! Anything someone might think is worth seeing, or stopping, or staying at!!!! That is why I was not "Specific" about it. A great attraction, View, Senic drive, Place to pig out! It DOESNT MATTER where or what it is!! The point was to find out what/where other people think would be a good stop!!

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    Well the problem with that kind of request is that there are millions of places just in those states, and with no way to narrow things down, there's no place to start with suggestions. It ends up being a waste of your time and ours when our suggestions would be shots in the dark at best. Maybe someone will respond, but most of the time, requests like this don't result in very helpful advice.

    What I can recommend is that you spend a little time playing around with RTA's map center which can provide dozens upon dozens of ideas and stopping suggestions between your starting and ending point.

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    Ok. We usually travel I95 to I26 to I77 and up but I would like to see different things. I know I want to stop at Grandfather Mountain in NC. We would like to do a few hours on the Blue Ridge Parkway, but unsure of what would be the best part to see, as far as views, food, stores, attractions etc. I would like to end up back on I81 eventually, as we have only been that way twice and enjoy the ride. Anything along 81 up as far as Harrisonburg? Or along the way? Thanks.

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    Default It's mostly on maps.

    I would have to agree with Michael, your question is virtually impossible to answer. However, as your last post makes clear, your pallet is not as empty as your first post indicated. And the Map Centre should help you locate at least some attractions to interest you. But here are a few suggestions as to what else you might like to do.

    Get out good maps, AAA or Rand McNally, that sort of thing. You will find marked on them many attractions (history, natural etc.) and scenic routes. At every Welcome centre, make sure you stop and discuss with the staff there what your route, aims, and wishes are, and see what they have to offer. Those folk are most knowledgable. And make sure you pick up the State map offered at Welcome Centres. These often show many more and different attractions which that State has to offer.


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