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  1. Default Advice Needed: Planning a Road Trip

    Hi All...
    ::: I need your advice on :::

    Plan: Road trip.
    Group: Family (me,wife & 2 year baby girl)
    period: December.
    Start from: Houston
    Direction: Don't know yet (East Cost -OR- West Cost)
    Avoid: party-clubs-snow-

    What do you think?
    I prefer going with east cost ... (Orlando - Miami) I don't want to drive all the way on one time .. I want to stop on somewhere .. ((Louisiana - Alabama- Atlanta-Florida))
    What's your suggestions?
    Where to go in (Louisiana - Alabama- Atlanta)?? I have not been there before.

    we really wants to enjoy driving this trip and have fun as much as we can...

    Best Regards...
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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Realistically, we really don't have a lot of advice that we can give right now. We simply don't know enough about you. You didn't tell us anything that you are interested in (just a couple things that you're not) and we have no idea how much time you have.

    I can say that if you and your family want to go to the southeast, then that's certainly where you should go. The loop you've laid out is certainly a good possibility, and there are thousands of things inside it you could do. RTA's map center is one of many tools on this site that you could use to help get some more ideas about what it is you want to see.

    Once you've got a better idea of what you want to do and you hope to achieve, we can certainly answers more of your questions, fill in the gaps, and help you put everything together.

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    Thanks for your replay ...

    In 2009 I drove from Houston to Orlando .. but I didn't stop at anywhere .. this time I have my baby .. I can't drive all the way down .. she will got bored .. I would like to enjoy the way by stopping somewhere and have some fun. BUT the main thing on the trip is gonna be Florida..

    We like beaches- lake- rivers- parks- museums- shopping- outdoor things (as Disney in Orlando) .. the thing is I have no Idea about the stats I'm going to.. I don't want to go to wrong place that have nothing to see or do ..

    Thanks again ..

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    There truely is no place you could possibly go that would be "the wrong place" or "have nothing to see or do." Quite literally there are thing to see and do everywhere.

    Again, there are a lot of resources here to help you figure out some ideas, but you need to have a few dots on the map first before we can help you narrow things down.

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