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  1. Default SF to Seattle-Thanksgiving/Winter

    Hi Guys,
    I am planning a road trip from SF to Seattle around Thanksgiving.
    1. Should I be concerned about icy/snowy conditions around that time of the year in Oregon or WA?
    2. Suggestions for things on the way.
    Thanks in advance,

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    Default More info please

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    From what you have told us so far, it is difficult for anyone here to give any meaningful advice. All we know is when you will be travelling. So, how long do you have for this trip? what are your interests? is it one way, or a return trip? The more information you can give, the better advice will come your way.


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    If you just want to get there quickly, you will probably be taking I-5 all the way. There will be a chance of snow and bad road conditions through the Siskiyous. Taking US-101 would avoid it, but will take significantly longer.

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    @Lifey- Fair Point. Thnx for the brief trip glc.

    Well the trip is for my father-in-law who loves driving. He is travelling from India for this trip.
    We are very open to suggestions about things to do. We will have 5 days total to go and come back-Cutting it too short?
    What I had in mind but would be open to changes....:

    Day 1: SF to somewhere near Gold Beach - Any suggestion?
    Day 2: Gold Beach or nearby to Seattle.
    Day 3: In Seattle
    Day 4: Seattle to Ashland or nearby
    Day 5: Ashland or nearby to SF.

    I want to catch the Oregon coast -I have read that it is beautiful....
    Will this route have snowy conditions? I do not like driving more that 8-10 hours a day.
    All your suggestions welcomed :)

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    There should not be snowy conditions on the coast but you really don't have enough time to see it. Via I-5, it's going to be close to two 8 hour days of driving each way. US-101 is not a freeway once you get north of Ukiah, that would be a 3 day drive.

    Do you have a specific reason for going all the way to Seattle and back? If you want to tour the coast, you could still do it, but you would need to cut the trip short of Seattle.

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    @glc-I talked to my in-laws and they want to see Seattle/Portland more than the Oregon coast. Guess I will have to wait for the Oregon coast in another trip.

    So the plan is turning out more like :
    Day 1: SF to Ashland (or nearby?)
    Day 2: Ashland to Portland (via crater lake).- Any road blocks going north in November?
    Day 3: Portland to Seattle-
    Day 4: Seattle to Any new town ??
    Day 5: Any new town to SF

    I also read on Oregon DOT ( that chains are mandatory stating November. Are chains that required? I have a 2x2.

    Thnx in advance.

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    Crater Lake will very likely be almost completely closed by Thanksgiving, I would not plan on visiting.

    It would be very wise if you carried a set of chains and know how to put them on.

    With only 5 days, and with the desire to see both Portland and Seattle, your plate is almost too full already. You are going to have to drive long hours on I-5. You don't even have time to spend a full day in both cities.

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