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    Default Am I Insane? (ohio to grand canyon w 5 kids)

    First of all this trip is far off. We are not planning going until the Summer of 2013.
    But as I've learned with even on our weekend adventures planning way ahead is essential.
    Especially with this one being two weeks and us having to save up $$ over time. We are purely in the
    conceptional stages. We will be renting an RV for the trip. Kids at that point will be 11, 8, 5,3 AND 2. So my
    initial question I crazy??

    Second of all points of interest at this point are Gateway Arch, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone and of
    course Grand Canyon...maybe a day in Vegas. Is that too much of an Itenenary? Also maybe the painted
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You've come to a forum where people discuss roadtrips, and ask if you are insane for considering one? What do you think the answer will be?

    2 weeks is a nice amount of time for a trip like this, but it will go by faster than you think, and there are lots of options and things to consider.

    Unfortuantly, other than asking if you are insane, you didn't really ask any other questions, so I'm not really sure what areas you are concerned about or what things you might want to know.

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    Default updated

    Updated my thread.

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    Default Fair pricing for RV rental

    The local RV company here is asking for 4500$ for two weeks for a west coast road trip from Ohio to Grand Canyon during peak season. This would be a f
    fully decked out 7 passenger RV with tvs,fridge, stove, ext. No insurance is provided. Is this a fair asking price or should I look elsewhere?
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    Default please don't do that again

    In the future, please do not use the edit feature to change the substance of your post after you've been given a response. It is rude behavior that will not be tolerated again, and just as importantly, it means people who already read your initial post aren't likely to re-read your changes.

    Also, please keep all of your questions about this trip together in the same thread, instead of creating new threads for each additional question you might have.


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    In regards to your new questions, I suspect you will be trying to do too much with too little time. Trying to go all the way north to Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore would likely mean that you'd have to rush through everything, which is not a good idea especially when you've got that large of a group and that many young kids.

    As far as RV rental cost. It really is tough to say, as prices are always changing, and can very greatly even based on the specific dates of your travel and/or pickup location. The only way you'll really know if that is a fair price is to shop around, certainly looking at the major players in the RV rental industry like Cruise America, and El Monte, to name a couple.

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    With just 2 weeks at your disposal and a large group of childen to consider, plus the slower going of the RV, I would concentrate your trip on either heading towards the Grand canyon and surrounding area or Yellowstone area, but certainly not both as Michael suggested above. With a little research with a good map and looking around RTA you will discover many, many other great options to explore in either area.

    Yes, you should certainly shop around for RV deals, being careful to include all extra costs and get the 'bottom line figure'. You have plenty of time to keep an eye on things and then have the ability to spot a good deal when you see one. Cruise America has a 'Hot deals' page where you can keep tabs on their latest offers. They seem to come up with some good deals in the winter months when rentals are slow and they want to generate some business by taking early bookings on summer travels.

    Keep researching and when you have dots on the map and new questions, we can help fill in the blanks.

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    The other thing about RV rentals - - if you are in a position where you can bring your own linen, you can save a little extra money. Those extra costs usually include a linen charge and sometimes charges for things that aren't attached to the RV that you may not want to use.

    Shop around ... prices vary.


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    Obviously we have a Long time to plan this. Figure the family and I can plan one thing a month. We figure
    on driving about 8 hours a this too little ..? We have 5 kids 8the hours a day 7 days of our two weeks would be just getting to the Grand Canyon and back home. That leaves 7 days for the Canyon and Vegas and whatever else in the area we decide to go that enough time?
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    As I have been told by several members on here 8 hours a day is too much, especially several days in a row of driving that many hours. It's dangerous because you get tired. I've personally done a 9 hour drive with stops for gas and such. It definitely took its toll and I wouldn't have wanted to do a second 8 or 9 hour day of driving after that. I'd say make the max 6 hours.

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