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  1. Default Our 3 month cross country adventure.

    What's the best program to make a map online of our 14,000 mile trip, to share with others?

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    Default Your story?

    Maybe someone who knows, will come over and tell you. But I would not worry about a map. Tell us the story. We like to read how you got on. the places you stopped, where you saw amazing sights and what they were. In 14000 miles, you must have gathered a book full of stories. We wanna read them!

    And we would love to see lots of pics.


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    All right but it may take a while. (this thread is going to be mostly pictures) We left on May 25th, 4 days after our wedding. We couch surfed and camped our way the whole time. We hit 36 states and 11 National Parks.

    We are from Lancaster PA and drive a 2005 Nissan Xterra. Our first stop was NYC.

    our first state

    Day 2
    Our couch surfing host in Brooklyn recommended that we stop at her alma malter, Yale U, so we did. It is a beautiful campus with an amazing library.

    My wife is vegan so we ate at a vegan Jamaican place near campus.
    It was cheap and delicious

    We left New Haven and arrived in Boston late and made it an early night.

    I'm still working on the best way to post photos. More to come
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    Default Is really quite easy..... must be if I can do it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Megan and Tony View Post
    I'm still working on the best way to post photos. More to come
    If you uipload the pictures into 'photoshare' - the members tab on the green bar - you can then include them into your story as you go. Like this.


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    Thanks for the advice. I'm going to try a better format for this post.

    Day 3
    We woke up early so that we could fit a lot into our Boston day. We decided to do the Freedom Trail and our couch surfing host recommended that we see "Old Ironsides" first before we walk the trail.

    You can go down to the 2nd to last level on the ship. The ceilings are very low, they were much shorter back then.

    The Freedom Trail is a line that you follow to historic points in Boston. Lots of cemeteries and churches. Also Paul Revere's house

    We also stopped and had a beer at the Cheers bar

    Beer is a pretty common theme throughout the trip.

    I can't remember what this was called:

    Game 7 of the Bruins was that night and although we were offered a few scalped tickets we watched it with our couch surfing pal John.

    Day 4
    We drove up to Lowell to visit the hometown of Jack Kerouac, an inspiration for the trip. Lowell is an old industrial town with a canal that surrounds the city. We visited Kerouac park and his grave.

    We couch surfed that night with a wonderful family. We stayed up late with them and swapped travel stories and explained our plans for the rest of the summer.

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    Day 5

    We headed for Concord Mass today to see Walden Pond. We took a hike around the pond, dipping our feet in, and stood in the spot that thoreau's cabin used to stand.

    We went to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery and saw Thoreau and Emerson's grave sites as well.

    Old North Bridge:

    For dinner we joined our couch surfing host at a vegan pizza place. It was delicious. We spent the evening talking to local Boston people, couch surfers and non csers.

    Day 6

    We enjoyed a vegan Memorial day BBQ with our couch surfing friends

    Day 7

    Megan and I decided to spend the day walking around Boston. We took the bus to the science museum, it was interesting but packed with school children. We walked through Chinatown and Boston Common. We took an art tour of Downtown Boston's Library and then walked to Harpoon Brewery for a hour of free taste testing. We met up with a couch surfing friend who made us homemade coffee and told us his travel stories.

    Day 8
    This was the day this past summer where a tornado ripped through Mass and did some damage. This was also the day we took a whale watch trip. After a few hours going out to sea in choppy water an announcement told us that it was too dangerous to continue and we would have to head back. We saw no whales, got wet, and got sea sick.

    After getting back to land we headed to Shelburne Falls to meet up with our couch surfing hosts for the evening. We enjoyed great conversation and cold beer with them. We walked their small town and saw Glacier Holes and the Bridge of Flowers.

    Day 9
    Heading back south we stopped at the Woodstock Museum in Bethel, NY. It's an incredible museum and you get to walk on the site of Woodstock afterwards.

    making lunch outside the museum.

    After Bethel we headed back home to see my cousin graduate high school. After home we started our trip south, that's to come later.

    I hope I'm not posting too slowly, I have 80 or so more days to go. Thanks for reading
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    Default Great pics.

    Wow... eighty more days. This is going to be some report. I am loving it, especially Boston and surrounds. Brings back so many memories... only 190 days till I am there again. Not that I'm counting.

    Do you think you could put one blank line between the photos. Will stop them from all running into each other.


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    We loved Boston, we agree it's one of the places we could move to one day.

    Thanks for the advice about the photos, it does look better this way.

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    Day 10 (a few days home later)

    Most people have a week or 2 honeymoon. We did 10 days came home and left with the plan to be gone for 3 more months. Day 10 we hit our first National Park. When we pulled into Shenandoah National Park we bought the NP Pass for $80. It is so worth it when you are visiting more then 4 or so NPs. Shenandoah did not disappoint. As we pulled past the guard at the front we saw 2 deer walk across the road. Shenandoah's main road is Skyline Drive and it is considered one of the most beautiful drives in the world for a reason. Every couple miles there is a pull off where you can get out and see a beautiful view of mountains and forests. At 1 such pull off I met up with a young guy with a big backpack who told me that he and his girlfriend had been hiking the Appalachian trail and she hurt her knee so they needed a lift to their campsite 30 miles down Skyline Drive. Megan and I rearranged the back of our car and we were able to fit Cole and Sarah in there, although uncomfortably. We had achieved one of our goals of picking up hitchhikers! They told us their story of the AP hike and we told ours of the road trip. We invited them to stay at our campsite that night but they had already paid for theirs. We dropped them off and wished them luck.

    When we got to our campsite later in the day we set up our tent and we saw on a map that you could thru-hike a small part of the AP trail near our site. We walked the trail taking in nature and amazing views. That night Megan made a delicious dinner and we sat in the dark looking at the stars. I got a text from Cole asking if we would be willing to take him and Sarah to our next destination, Great Smoky Mountain National Park. We said of course and planned to meet them early the next morning for our 8 hour drive. We spent a quiet night sleeping in our tent for the first time this summer.

    Day 11
    Virginia is a bigger state then it looks.

    We picked up our hitchhiker buddies in the morning and drove south. We stopped at a strangely religious diner for breakfast, great food. We talked music, politics, travel, and future plans on our ride until Cole found out that I've never eaten at a Chic-Filet before. We decided to make it our quest to hit one for dinner. When we got into Tennessee we got off at an exit and went into a mall to find there food court. I enjoyed my first Chic-Filet dinner there, awesome, and Megan had fries. We got to Great Smoky MT NP and set our tents up in the rain. We left the park and grabbed a 6pack at a local very dive par. That night the 4 of us ate and drank and looked at very big trees. Megan and Cole stayed up and chatted late into the night, while Tony fell asleep early, weary from the longest drive of the trip so far.

    Day 12
    There was an entrance point to the Appalachian Trail not to far from our camp site so we said goodbye to Cole and Sarah there with the promise to meet again some day. Megan and I headed back into the park and drove straight through the middle taking in the nature as much as we could. We had planned on stopping in Asheville NC but when we got there it was getting late and we could not find parking. Asheville is one of those places we will go back and really see one day soon. That night we stayed with a college buddy of mine in Charlotte NC. We met up with him at the bar he works at and had dinner there.

    Day 13-14
    My buddy's place in Charlotte was a great place to sit around drink and watch the simpsons for 2 days. We only really left the house to go to a drive in double feature( Hangover 2 and Bridesmaids) The movies were tough to watch because a giant lightning storm was going on the whole time.

    Day 15
    Athens GA, our next stop, is a great college town. We had walked all through downtown, had a few beers, and then went and met up with our couch surfing hosts for the night. They were a great young couple with a new baby. They knew a fantastic vegan place in town so we went there for dinner. We came back and exchanged travel stories with our new friends. Athens is another one of those places we want to visit again.

    Day 16
    On the way to Fort Myers Florida we stopped in southern Georgia at a stand on the side of the road that sold peaches and boiled peanuts. Both were delicious. We spent our day driving south on the way to a week of rest in southern Florida.

    Day 17-22

    My buddy Monte's (and our preacher from our wedding) parents have a retirement place on Sanibel Island in Florida. He allowed us to spend a week there and enjoy the retired lifestyle. We spend most of the week drinking, cooking, and swimming. It was also our first swim in a body of water that is not the Atlantic. We swam in the Gulf of Mexico. Also we spent a day dreading Megan's hair. I got sun poising really bad our first day there and spent the next week with painful blisters on my legs. This was our first real week of relaxation for a long time. We had been planning our wedding for months and a few days after the wedding we hit the road, so this week was much needed.

    The next post will be our week in Disney World!

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    Day 23-27

    We were lucky enough to have great friends (Dave and Vicky) who gave us a weeks lodging in Disney as a wedding present. They also have been to Disney loads of times and were great to have along as guides. We went to all the parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Disney Hollywood Studios) We stayed at the amazing Animal Kingdom Lodge where animals are right out back doing there thing. My favorite ride was Splash Mountain and also as the Star Wars ride. We saw a bunch of shows and got our picture with loads of characters. There are over 1000 photos for these 5 days so I just picked out a few.

    Day 28
    Megan is a huge Harry Potter fan so we went to Harry Potter World after Disney. Before we went to the park I had never read any of the ooks or watched any of the movies. Since then I've read them all and we watched all the movies on the trip, including the final one in 3d in a movie theater in Washington. The park was fun and seemed to be pretty consistent with the books. We had butter beer and pumpkin juice. The rest of Islands of Adventure was kind of boring in comparison, although Megan rode "The Hulk" and said it was great.

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