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    Default road trip from Los Angeles

    I am coming to US from Australia in November and would love to do a road trip starting from Los Angeles. Id really like to drive to Vegas, visit Monument Valley and see Mt Rushmore. Would it be possible to do all that in the same trip and drive back to Los Angeles in 8 days?

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    Default yes, yes, no

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Las Vegas and Monument Valley could easily be done in your timeframe. Vegas is just a half day drive from LA, and Monument Valley is another day drive beyond Vegas.

    However, Mount Rushmore would really not be a possibility. It would take you nearly 3 full days to drive from LA to South Dakota, where Rushmore is located, and then 3 days back. Techinically, you could make the drive and get to all three places, but you wouldn't have hardly any time to stop and see anything.

    What would make much more sense is to focus your time on the area around Vegas and Monument Valley, which includes many other amazing natural wonders, like the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, and Death Valley (just to name a few.)

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