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    Default Myrtle Beach, SC to Central VT Road Trip (with RV) Route Advice Needed

    We'll be taking a road trip with our 34' 5th wheel camper from Myrtle Beach, SC to central VT in mid-Sept. With all the damage from hurricane Irene along the east coast, does anyone have any route advice? Toll advice? Interesting things worth stopping to see? We've never driven the east coast. Thanks for any help you can give us!
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    How long do you have to get there, and what are your priorities? If you want to see cities, you don't exactly have the most convenient vehicle for the trip. If you just want to get there and have a reasonably pleasant drive, I would go inland to stay as far away from the I-95 corridor as possible. Right now is not the best time to stay on the coast and see beaches, you should probably put that trip off till next year.

    I picked Rutland as "central VT" and the following route is a hard 2 day drive (not really recommended) - fairly easy 3 day drive - and almost toll-free.

    Take US-501 out of Myrtle Beach to Laurinburg, then US-74 to Charlotte. Take I-77 to I-81 to Binghamton, then I-88 to the Albany area. Take I-90 (toll) to I-87 north to NY-7 to Bennington, then US-7 to Rutland.

    You will have to check each state's DOT website for any storm-related road closures.

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    Thank you very much, RoadTripGuru & Enthusiast! We were planning on 3-4 days, and Rutland is fairly close to where we're going. I know we won't have the most convenient vehicle, but we will be dropping the camper whenever we stop to camp. We'll then have our truck to site-see. We do plan to check each state's DOT website along the way. We appreciate your information!

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    I forgot to tell you our priorities. We usually prefer "off the beaten path" things, but because there is so much history along the east coast, we'd like to see as much as we can of historical sights.

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    Will you be making a return trip? If so, you can take the inland route in one direction, and the I-95 corridor the other way.

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    No, we're actually from IL and will be in Myrtle Beach with some friends. We're going to VT to visit our daughter & her family, so we'll be driving back to central IL from VT.

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    Default Washington, DC Area Campgrounds?

    Does anyone know of any campgrounds that are reasonably priced and fairly close to Washington, DC? We'd prefer to have at least electric and water hook ups. We'd like to spend one day in DC while traveling through the area in mid-September. Thanks for your help!

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    Default Maybe wrong site

    Quote Originally Posted by Retired RV'er View Post
    Does anyone know of any campgrounds that are reasonably priced and fairly close to Washington, DC?
    That question may be better asked on an RV site's forum. They would have more members regularly visiting these places.


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    Ok, thanks, Lifey & Midwest Michael. I'm new to this.

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    We've got a pretty good population of RV'ers active on the forum, so there is a reasonable chance you'll get some personal recommendations here.

    There are a few state parks in Maryland and Virginia nearby that offer camping, although I'm not sure if they offer hookups. They tend to be the first place I look, although I'm in a tent and don't need power/water.

    What could be a very good investment for you is to pick up a Woodalls or similar campground directory. You can see and purchase a few of your options right from RTA.

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