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    Hi! I am planning a trip for my sister's 30th April 2012 with some friends! Sure to be an Amazing time no matter what!! We are going coast to coast thru the south. Driving to FL, Renting an RV, then heading to CA!! We are wondering how long it would really take for the whole trip? We were thinking maybe 2 weeks? (Thats all we can really do cause of work) Would flying back from CA to FL prob be best?? We will of course be hitting up New Orleans! But we also arent really History Buffs... Anyone know of cool places to stop? Interesting landmarks? Any info will be greatly appreciated!! SO looking forward to this trip!! Its going to be AMAZING!!!!

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    It takes about 6 days (@10 hours per day) to drive from one coast to another. So if you have 14+ days, you'll have time to Play along your route.

    Get a great USA wall map - National Geographic or one from AAA - - and lay out what you'd like to see. We can help you connect the dots, answer more detailed questions you might have, but you have to give us more information before we can do that.


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Yes, with 'only' two weeks you will have to fly back from California to retrieve your own car(s) in Florida. Otherwise, this would be a trip where mostly what you'd see would be the inside of your RV. That said, and assuming two days down to Florida and two days back, and 16 days in 'two weeks', you'll have to spend about an equal amount of time driving and sightseeing. But that's a good mix. As you plan, do as Donna suggested and pick your 'big' stopping points first. If New Orleans is already on your list and 'California' (a huge target) is your destination, then consider San Antonio and/or Austin as well. Carlsbad Caverns and White Sands are a couple of other possibilities along the 'southern route'. I would suggest that from there you head north to the Albuquerque/Santa Fe both for their particular charms and to set you up to cross northern Arizona and see the Petrified Forest and Grand Canyon, and perhaps make a short side trip to Las Vegas, as you finish off your drive.

    Then, after you have the basic route and major stops picked, be sure to look for smaller points of interest on that basic path. Have each member of your troupe pick a few that appeal to her in particular to ensure some variety in your stops and then each of you can share her expertise/curiosity and contribute to what should be a thoroughly enjoyable trip.


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