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    Hi, would love your suggestions and advice on our planned American Family holiday set down for Jan/Feb 2012..

    DAY 1- Arrive early into LAX, pick up Mini-van and drive to LasVegas for 4 nights.
    DAY 5- Fly up to San Fransico for 5 nights.
    DAY 10- Pick up Mini-van and drive down the West Coast spending the nigth @ Cambria.
    DAY 11- Continue on down the West Coast and into Las Angeles for 4 nights.
    DAY 15- Head down to Anahiem Disney Land for the last 5 nights.
    DAY 20- Final day and Fly home out of LAX.

    IF you have any suggestions of places to go/do and see on this trip it would be SOOOO appreciated! It will prob be our last family holiday away all together.

    Thanks in Advance, Crabby...

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    Default So much more, but.....

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forum !

    Normally I would be recommending driving the whole route and spending less time in the City to enable you to visit some of the great natural wonders around you, like Grand canyon NP, Death valley Sequoia and Yosemite NP's and whereas that could still be a possibility, I understand you are visiting in the heart of winter, and that offers a challenge in itself and in part puts you in the hands of the weather. Another option would be to take a couple of days [or more] to drive from LV to SF, but if you are planning on turning your mini van in on arrival in LV, and staying in the City, it would be a waste of money paying for it to sit in a parking lot. If you were keeping the Mini van for Days out from Vegas, like here, it could be worth considering.

    If you are happy with the itinerary, that's all that matters and it will work fine, but by searching the fourms and having a good map to hand, you will find Lot's of options. With what you have, two things to consider; 1] If you are coming in on an International flight then I would recommend staying in LA for night 1 and give your bodies time to recover from the jet lag and time difference, you will enjoy the drive far more next day [you won't get Crabby ;-) ] and it will be safer to do so. Secondly, you could consider spending at least another night heading down the coast to slow the pace and enjoy some 'calm' from the City life.

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    Thanks Dave, Are there places along this route that YOU would say are MUST NOT MISS places to experience???

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    Quote Originally Posted by crabby View Post
    Thanks Dave, Are there places along this route that YOU would say are MUST NOT MISS places to experience???
    I am not Dave, but if I were the one planning this I would take a couple days out of some combination of the cities (LA, LV, SF, Disneyland) and spend it on the coast between SF and LA. Just mosey and stop at places that look intriguing: Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay, etc., etc. They will be just fine in the Winter and much less crowded than in high season.

    I do love SF (spent a few years in college across the Bay) and understand the appeal of LA and LV (although personally I detest LV), but, to me, the real majesty of CA is outside the cities.

    Of course, this is just my opinion and reflects my personal opinions...

    Oh, I second the point about not doing much (if any) driving that first day. I would suggest either doing some of your LA exploring on arrival or "open-jaw"-ing your flights to go into LV and out of LA.


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    Default Chock Full

    As others have pointed out, you will be traveling through an area that is particularly rich in attractions, and there simply is no such thing as a generic 'best'. Just as an example, consider one 'city' Monterey/Carmel. There you have Monterey Bay Aquarium, Cannery Row, Historic Monterey, 17 Mile Drive, Pebble Beach Golf Club, San Carlos Borroméo de Carmelo Mission, Point Lobos State Reserve, up-scale shops, beaches, etc. etc., etc.. And with nearly a month, you should get down to San Diego for at least a few days and see a few of the many museums, zoos, and botanical gardens just within its Balboa Park.


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    Default LA and Disneyland

    Disneyland in Anaheim isn't nearly as extensive as the Florida property, so 4 days and 5 nights is probably way more than you "need". The CA property is made up of the original Disneyland (DL) Park, plus California Adventure (CA). CA is also an original and not repeated anywhere else. The attractions are all based on real things in California. If you've never been to either park, let me know and I can outline the attractions that usually have the longest waiting lines, and some tips on how to avoid long lines.

    DL/CA have several different ticket plans, depending on how much time you wish to allot to the parks. But I'd say that you can "do" the parks in 2 or 3 days and therefore free up another day for the coast drive.


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    I agree with Donna regarding Disneyland (2-3 days), but there are also other theme parks in the greater LA area (Universal Studios, Knotts Berry Farm, Magic Mountain) that are options if you're really into theme parks.

    If you give me some info to go on (ages, interests) I may have some recommendations for you in SF and surrounding area.

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    Thanks, will see what I might be able to do regarding the suggestion of into LV!!!

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    Thanks DonnaR57, I'd love ANY suggestions you have regarding how to approach the whole Disneyland moment! We thought we would base ourselves in Anahiem for the 5 nights and just see how we feel at that point. Taking it slowly if possible @ that point. Maybe even do a day trip/drive down to San Diego from there. The 5 day pass in only a few dollars more than the 4 day pass also.

    Would love your imput/ideas though. Thanks in Advance...

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    Our children are actually young adults. 20 and 18 yrs. Daughter loves computers and Movies so will be doing Universal etc whist in LA.

    Husband loves out doors and scenery walks etc.

    Son is into most things like me and enjoys all of the above...

    Would love any imput and suggestions you might have for us... Thanks in Advance...


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