A short summary of my trip posted here. I did do a long blog with lots of photos on the trip for my family and friends that you may be interested in here. I did not use this site for the blog since content I put here is yours not mine. Sorry about that.

I did a total of 3290 miles in 7 days and 2 hours. I used 97 gallons of gas. I did long days in the east and shorter ones in the west:

Day 1: 22-July-2011 start end Total miles: 380
Day 2: 23-July-2011 end Total miles: 470
Day 3: 24-July-2011 end Total miles: 595
Day 4: 25-July-2011 end Total miles: 523
Day 5: 26-July-2011 end Total miles: 505
Day 6: 27-July-2011 end Total miles: 310
Day 7: 28-July-2011 end Total miles: 259
Day 8: 28-July-2011 end Total miles: 241

The long days were 10 to 12 hours in the car. I eat very little during the day. found a motel, some fast food, did my blog and then collapsed.

The journey was amazing. It has burned something into my soul.

I will come back to the USA and drive again. Next time I will do something very different.

Thank you RoadTripAmerica.