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  1. Default mid-september road trip from Topeka, KS to Seattle, WA

    Hello. I'm trying to plan a road trip from Topeka, KS to Seattle, WA, but I don't know the roads very well. I've taken a few road trips before, but this will also be longer than the other ones. The trip will be in mid-September. I will have four days, five in an emergency, to make it from Topeka to Seattle. I'd rather pick a route first and then pick a few stops along the way. Google Maps recommends taking either I-80 and I-84 or I-70 and I-84. Any suggestions? Thank you very much!

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    Default Planning the 'other way around'.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    With 4 days available you will have a nice relaxed pace for the journey, but not a lot of time to 'wander' too far from your chosen route.

    Personally, I would look at things the other way around. Check out what places appeal to you and what you would like to see along the way and get some dots on the map, and then see how you can make it work in with your trip rather than following a mapping program route and then deciding where to stop. Did you know you can 'Drop and drag' the blue route line with your cursor on Google maps to create alternatives ? For instance you could cut up through Casper between I80 and I90 and it isn't any longer than the other 2 routes suggested. It's only an extra hour to head North to Sioux Falls and through Rapid City on I90 as another example.

    In the green tool bar above under the title 'Maps' you will find the 'Map centre' where you can create routes and find attractions, or better still to start with, just locate attractions near to the routes you are considering. Once you have a route figured out we can help to fill in the blanks and make suggestions that will help 'fine tune' your trip.

  3. Default planning

    Hi, Southwest Dave. That sounds more creative! But, I don't know the northwest very well. Can you suggest where I might look to read about potential places of interest that could be on the way?

    EDIT: I am exploring the Map Center, which is great! But, I still feel like there are so many choices and it is just so hard to narrow it down... haha

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    Default That is exactly how I used to do it.

    I can relate to your way of thinking. When I was relocating vehicles, I would always lay out my route from point A to B, and then see what cities and attractions there were along that route. If there were two routes of about the same time and length, I would check out which cities and parks and other attractions I preferred.

    But this is best done on paper maps. Use the computer mapping programs to zoom in and find the detail. But get good maps of all the States you will be crossing to lay out your route and check the attractions. To get maps, the AAA is probably the best source I know of. If you are a member (always you a good idea for a long trip), then maps are free.

    Besides the natural and some man made attractions marked on these maps, you will find that they also mark the scenic routes, for when you want a spell off the interstates.


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    Excellent, thanks for the tip!

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