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  1. Default Newlyweds, California trip

    Hello this is my first post! Im from south america! gettting married oct. 22
    Going the 24th to California... This is my trip, what do you think? im New to everything, and would like to know if this itinerary is good? or need more? take something out etc.

    Arrive at SFrancisco spend 2 -3 nights there,
    then Nappa 1 night
    Yosemite park 2 nights,
    Monterey 1 night,
    take the 101 to santa barbara 1 night
    3 nights at Los angeles..

    What recomendations to you have?


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    Default Looks like a great trip.

    Hi Diego, and Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    Congratulations on your upcoming nuptuals. That looks like a nice trip, and there are obviously reasons why you have chosen those destinations. The only thing I would change is, from Monterey, take CA1 down the coast. You might find that Santa Barbara is too far to aim for in one day. The Pacific Coast Highway is slow going, and has many places to pull off for the spectacular views. Maybe planning on staying in San Luis Obispo or Santa Maria would be a better choice, before continuing on to LA the following day.

    Have a look around the forums and the road attractions / map centre on the green bar above for other attractions along your route which may interest you.


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    Default Agreed.

    You have an amazing Honeymoon to look forward to, congratulations ! I agree that it would be a shame to miss out on the coastal route and the amazing scenery around Big Sur in between Monterey and Morro bay. As Lifey mentioned you could stop earlier and still continue to LA next day or simply make 2 stops and drive into LA from Santa Barbara a day later.

    While in SF, I would recommend booking an Alcatraz cruise in advance. The official NPS booking site is here.

    I would highly recommend driving to Glacier point in Yosemite and taking the short walk to the viewpoint, you will never forget it !!

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    Thanks again for the great advice,
    SF stay i was thinking staying in union square, which i was told is close to everything, i will definitely do Alcatraz and thanks for the link! dave! You also told me glaciar, i was told it is beutifull, my question is as follow.
    I am lookiing at a romance package in ahwahnee for 2 nights, will there be time to fit in glacier during these days?
    After yosemite i was planing to go CA1 down the coast, now that i have some insight i will stay in obispo, i would like to know as much cities through the coast as posible.. head to santa barbara next.
    I would also like to know if was thinking staying in villa delle stelle in california, what do you think?

    San diego, would try to make it if we have the time!

    Any more advices?
    thanks again!

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    Union square is indeed right in the centre of SF and everything is within easy reach. Because of this you will most likely pay a higher cost for comparative lodgings elsewhere. Because the City is compact and easy to get around without a car, plus high parking charges, I would recommend you don't pick up your car rental until you leave the City.

    Glacier point is fantastic and yes, you will have time to visit with 2 nights in Yosemite. Other popular areas beside the valley floor would be Mariposa grove, that is near the southern entrance and is home to the giant Sequoia tree's, plus there are attractions and great views along the Tioga pass, like Tenaya lake and Tuolumne meadows. You might not have time to do it all, just take the time to enjoy where you are and see how you go.

    As you make your way down the coast you will naturally come across small towns and State parks, hence the reason to take your time. Near to San Simeon is Hearst castle that may [or may not] appeal to your tastes. With the extra night you might want to consider staying in a coastal town like San Simeon, Cambria or Cayucus rather than San Luis Obispo.

    I'm sorry I don't know anything of Villa delle stelle other than having just done a quick search. It certainly has good reviews, but for some reason my network security is blocking access to as a malicious site. [?]

    Trying to add SD into the mix could speed things up a little too much for 'Honeymoon pace' IMO.

    You can check out some lodging options using the RTA Reservations booking tool on the top right corner of this page (Where it reads... "Browse deals on Hotels...")
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    If you are on a honeymoon, I would recommend you stay a night in Cambria. It's a charming seaside town with boutiques and B&B's.

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