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    Default I-10 East to west.Any tips for a single 36yo male

    Hi I am planning to travel the I-10 in june.I'm hoping to make it last 3/4 weeks any tips on where to stay,eat drink etc.
    Thanks D

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Other than your age and the highway you plan to travel, we don't know anything about you, what you are interested in, why you chose this route, etc. Basically, we don't know of the things we'd need to know to even start guessing at some of the thousands of possible things you could stop at.

    I will say with that amount of time, there is no reason to limit yourself to a single freeway. Look for the places you want to go, and then find the highways to match.

    Once you've got some ideas about what it is that you are hoping to do and are looking for, we can help you fill in the gaps.

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    Default I 10, any reason ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums from Sussex !!

    Is there a reason that you have picked an Interstate route to cross the country ? No t that there is anything wrong with it, I am just curious as to why ? With 3 to 4 weeks you could do a lot of exploring and technically, you could drive the [almost] 2,500 miles of I10 in 5 days. We really don't do lodging and eating options here, as there would be tens of thousands of options and knowing nothing of your overall trip plan and interests, it would be impossible to start listing 'main' attractions, never mind a diner. It's a little like asking for somewhere to dine in Europe. Once you have worked on your trip you can check reviews on Trip Advisor and the like, but you can't beat speaking to the Local's as you travel for tips and get them to share the local 'secrets'. As a lone traveller it's a good way to start conversations and meet new people.

    I would suggest you get a good map and use the RTA resources to help you find places that appeal to you and get some dots on the map. Search the forums and use the planning resources in the tool bars above, like the Map centre for routes and attractions. Once you have done so, we can then help to fill in the blanks and help to 'fine tune' your trip, but I would look to venture further afield than following an Interstate route, unless of course it is for a reason.

    As new questions come up through the planning, just keep asking, enjoy !

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