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    Evening everyone,

    Just after some advice and tips, am thinking of doing a 3 week road trip from Washington DC down to Miami. Was just wondering if this was do able and people's suggestions of places to stop on the way. We like see famous places so are open to everything and anything really. Any help would be much appreciated thank you.



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    Default To Get You in Your Way to Planning a Great Trip

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The first thing you'll need to do is decide on a basic route and what you hope (at least generally) to accomplish with your trip. Nobody else can do that for you. But in order to get the wheels turning, here is a description of a couple of possible basic routes, with attractions, that you might want to consider.


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    Evening Folks,

    Had some really good advice so far on my Road Trip planning and just wanted peoples opinion if this is to much or do-able:

    10th August - Fly into Boston
    12th August - Boston to Niagara Falls
    13th August - Niagara Falls - Philadelphia
    14th August - Philadelphia - Washington DC
    17th August - Washington DC to Williamsburg
    18th August - Williamsburg to Charlotte
    19th August - Charlotte to Charleston
    20th August - Charleston to Savannah
    21st August - Savannah to St Augustine
    23rd August - St Augustine to Micanopy
    24th August - Micanopy to Orlando
    25th August - Orlando - Kennedy Space Centre
    26th August - Kennedy Space Centre to Port St Lucie
    27th August - Port St Lucie to Fort Lauderdale
    28th August - Fort Lauderdale to Key West
    29th August - Key West - Miami
    31st August - Fly out of Miami

    I know a few of the trips are long days but broken up by short days, we just want to see as many places as possible or do people think I should shorten this down. Another option would be from Boston get train Philadelphia missing Niagara Falls and then the train again to Washington DC and picking up a car then. Would be interested in peoples thoughts if it's a good trip or taking on too much for this one trip.

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    Default One bad one

    I wouldn't bother with Niagara Falls at that pace. You've got a full day of driving from Boston to NF, and then you'd have another full day to get back to Philly. That just doesn't leave any time to see it! If it was on your way, I could see making room to see it for just a very short time, but I wouldn't spend an entire extra day on the road just to see it for a few minutes.

    You've got a few other days that are along those lines, where you can certainly make the drives you are talking about, if you want to see anything at the places you've listed, you really wouldn't have much time at all leftover. If that's a bad things depends completely on your personal style and how you like to travel, but if it were me, I'd probably dial it back a bit so you don't have to be on the move nearly every single day.

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    Thanks for your reply, after some changes was wondering what people thought of the following instead as think the first route was taking on abit too much.

    Boston - 2 nights (Travel via Amtrak onwards)

    Philadelphia - 1 night (Travel via Amtrak onwards)

    Washington DC - 2 nights (Pick up Car at this point)

    Williamsburg - 1 night

    Roanoke - 1 night

    Charleston - 2 nights

    Savannah - 2 nights

    St Augustine - 2 nights

    Orlando - 2 nights

    Naples - 2 nights

    Key West - 2 nights

    Miami - 2 nights

    I'd very much appreciate everyone's input on what they think, we've included Roanoke just to include alittle of the Blue Parkway route as my wife really wants to see alittle bit of this.

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