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    Hi! My sister and I are planning a road trip from San Francisco to Seattle around Labor Day weekend. I have a few places we want to stop in along the way: Sonoma, Mendocino, possibly Shelter Cove, the Redwoods, Crater Lake, Newport, Portland, and then Seattle. I'd love to stop at MT. St. Helens and MT. Rainier, too. I have no idea the best way to plan this. We're young (in our 20s) and are open to any suggestions. I'm not sure which places to stay a few nights or even I the places I listed are the places to hit. Also, we were thinking of taking 101, but again, are not sure the best route for the most bang for our time. Thanks!

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    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    A good place to start is to lay out the maps of the west coast States, and mark on them, all the places you mention. Then see where that route takes you. It will give a good indication as to what is too far out of the way, and what is easily reached. This very trip has been the topic of discussion in several threads, over the last couple of months. Have a look around the forums, and see the different routes and attractions mentioned in them. Check the similar threads at the bottom of this page. Suffice to say that with a week you do have time for some deviation from the direct route.

    When you have more questions, feel free to come back here. There is always someone to help.


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    Ill be watching this one closely as it will be part of our next roadtrip. Crater Lake is Beautiful and I wont be able to go past there without stopping.Mt Raineir and Olympic National Park are on our list as well.

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    Sorry John, but I wouldn't hold your breath on hearing back on this one. The original poster hasn't been on this forum since they made that post.

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