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    I'm a 28 year old female, just left a very long, difficult relationship, and am contemplating a move to northern New England. I lived in Portland, Maine a while back, and absolutely loved it. I am considering that area, but also would like to check out Vermont and New Hampshire.

    So, before I make any hasty decisions, I decided that I'd like to take a road trip through those areas just to check them out (and also figured some long alone time would be good for a bit of soul searching!)

    I currently live in DC/Baltimore and would really like to avoid driving up to northern New England via the east coast. I have driven back and forth from Baltimore to Maine several times and I really cringe at the thought of driving through New York City, Boston, etc. I hate driving through really large cities as I often wind up confused and anxious. The other thing I would like to avoid are mountainous zones. I enjoy driving, but like to do it on flat surfaces! Mountain driving tends to make me a bit antsy (not so much the height, but something about all that wide open space, as strange as that sounds).

    I have a lot of time to do this trip right now, so if it requires taking "out of the way" routes, then that really isn't a problem. Any recommendations for anything scenic or interesting as I make my way through Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine?

    I have informed my family of my decision to take this trip and they're pretty upset about it. My mother is sure that I'm going to be abducted or killed. She knows that I have good common sense, but watches too much TV! Any suggestions for how to deal with the naysayers in my family? I have explained several times that I feel I HAVE to do this trip. I can't just move up there without knowing anything about these areas. Second, if I continue to live in this area and feel unhappy as I do, then I will keep wondering "what if?"

    Anyway, thanks for listening, and for any recommendations! I really appreciate it. I'm very happy to have found this forum.

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    I can completely relate to your desire to avoid the NE corridor! However, any alternate *IS* going to involve some hilly driving - but you could stick mostly to the Interstate and multi-lane roadways for a better comfort zone.

    What you could do is take I-83 out of Baltimore to Harrisburg, pick up I-81, then take that to Binghamton and pick up I-88 to the Albany area. Depending on where you want to go, there are several ways from there.

    I hate to sound rude, but if you are 28 years old, single with no kids, you don't HAVE to deal with your family - just GO!

    Your odds of being abducted or killed are a heck of a lot greater in DC or Baltimore than in rural areas.

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    Default Go, do it!

    As a senior female solo roadtripper, allow me to assure you that with common sense, and the normal security you practice at home, there is no reason why you should not make a successful and save trip. Follow your gut, and if you do not feel good about a place, leave and go somewhere else. Here are some articles which you may like to read before you set out.

    As for dealing with family. Yup, I am familiar with that. Except that in my case it is the children who are convinced their mother has lost her marbles. You won't change their minds. You might like to make an arrangement with them that you check in with them daily. That is a good habit, even if they did not have concerns.

    The route suggested by glc, though it does go over hills, is really a most pleasant route, not too busy, and very scenic. Take the time to enjoy it.


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