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  1. Default Roadtripping from New York JFK to St Louis Missouri and then onto Arizona!

    Hi all,

    I am brand new to this thread, my family and I are moving to the US (I am a naitive Californian and my hubby is Brittish) we have a 7 year old daughter and are flying into JFK on the 3rd of September! We have just purchased our tickets and don't have a clue yet what to see along our route, planning hotel stays, sites to see, keeping our daughter happy and pricing petrol etc!

    I plan to stop into St Louis to see my sister (it has been 5 years) then a stop in New Mexico to see my childhood best friend (its been 20 years) then onto Las Vegas to see my parents (its been 5 years) and then to settle in Arizona (mohave). We figure around 10 or so days? we already have a car rental so we just need to get there and enjoy! We arrive in JFK at 640pm so we would probably want to find a hotel fairly quick and somewhere to eat and then I reckon we shall be shattered! I have a mapped route of jfk-brooklin -staten island-new jersey-pennsylvania-maryland-Wheeling West Virginia(zanesville, columbus, springfield)-indianapollis-illinois-missouri-tulsa Oklahoma-Texas-New Mexico- las vegas and then Arizona

    The rest inbetween is a real mystery!!!! anyone have any tips or advice on my plans thus far?? Cheers in advance :)

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    Default the fun part

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The bad news is that when you are talking about a virtual coast to coast trip, there's just too much "in between" to start narrowing down the thousands of possibilities. The good news is that narrowing down some of the "in between" can really be the fun part of the planning. There are plenty of resources, including the RTA map center that can give you some good ideas.

    What you've come up with so far looks solid. 10 Days will be a nice amount of time, but not a lot of time. You're looking at 5-6 good hard days of driving to cover the distance, so how much extra time you'll have will depend largely on how much time you'll spend at stops like at your sister and friends houses.

    Your plan to just rest up as soon as you arrive is a good one, and if you want to spend any time in NY, I'd wait to rent a car until you are ready to actually hit the road. You can find some pretty reasonably priced (by NYC standards) hotels in Queens that are easy to reach from both JFK and Manhattan via the subway/train systems.

    I will say that if I were doing this trip, I would focus any extra time on places farther east, like NY, maybe DC, St. Louis, etc that will be harder to get to once you've completed your move. I'd probably skip Vegas, since it is a place you'll be able to easily do as a weekend trip in the future.

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    Default Just a few ideas...

    I agree with Michael's assessment that it will be more difficult to "do" the Eastern section of the country once you've settled in Arizona. As Californians, we have found just that! We just finished a trip that covered many of the routes you're looking at.

    In PA, your daughter might like the Hershey, PA attractions - or at least the tour of the Hershey Chocolate place. (It's free and doesn't take too long.) You could spend hours in Gettysburg or Dayton, if you're interested in history. Indianapolis has a few things to offer.

    St Louis - well, there's a LOT to do there. Fortunately, that's "only" a three day drive from the Phoenix area (long days, though). The Arch and the Museum below it, Grant's Farm, the Budweiser tour, the Children's science museum (which is not just for kids!), and a river boat cruise are just a few things there. About 2 hours up the river along US 61 is Hannibal - Mark Twain's Boyhood home.

    Meramec Caverns is about the best cave in MO. A lot of kids love that cave.

    There are lots more ideas here on the website, by poking around under "Trips and Ideas", "Routes and Sights" and the Map Center. Check it out and see what appeals!


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