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    Hi next may i am driving for NJ to alasaka but i need some help with the planning i am bringing 2 other friends so three all together/ I wont to know what i should bring and how much to budget. I was thinking $5,000 round trip. I am going to be camping most of the time and plus when i get to Anchorage, Alaska i have a free hotel to stay in. I was thinking of going through North dakota into canada and on the way home go though california onto I-80

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    We don't have enough information to go on to really give you a good amount of help. Some things that would be helpful:

    -How long is the trip going to be?
    -What kind of vehicle will you be taking?
    -Is the vehicle a rental, or owned by you (or another in your party)?
    -If the vehicle is a rental, are any of the drivers under age 25?
    -You will be camping "most of the time." For the other times, what are your thoughts - hostel, hotel, stay with friends?
    -Do you all have passports to go into Canada?
    -Are there any particular points of interest along the way that have led you to the route you described?

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    well i would say like 1 1/2 months round trip and i am driving my 2006 ford f 150 and some points i would be staying with friends and campping and some hotels and yes we have our pass ports

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    Default Tight budget.

    You will find all kinds of planning tips and advice by searching the forums and planning pages in the tool bars above. You can check out the Map centre for attractions and to create routes, but if you have any specific questions as your plan develops then just ask.

    I think your budget is a bit tight, but perhaps doable[?] if camping and cooking your own meals, but you are not going to have much for eating out and other treats and attractions along the way. I would think [depending on MPG return] that $2000 could be eaten up in fuel costs alone, then there are campground fees and other than your 'free' hotel, I doubt Hotels would be an option. Over 6 weeks it will leave you $70 a day for 3 of you to live on after gas, which is not a lot. You will need to make sure your vehicle is serviced and in good shape prior to leaving and have some type of emergency fund for any repairs that might be needed. If you do not already belong to a roadside assistance club such as AAA, it would make sense to do so.

    You have some time, so between now and then you should make every dollar count.

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    Default The Milepost

    The first thing you need is The Milepost. This is the bible of all those who take the trek North. Since this trip is not till next May, you will have plenty of time to study this thick guide, from cover to cover. It will have the answer to every single question you can possibly ask.

    Having driven from the Boston area to many points in Alaska twice, along several different routes, I can assure you it is a road much travelled, and at times can get quite busy. I could continue and list many cautions as well as attractions, side trips, accommodation etc here, but none of it would inform and prepare you as well as purchasing the above publication, and really studying it. The writers and publishers of the The Milepost have spent more than half a century travelling along these routes, and not just once a year, but many times each year.

    When you have thoroughly studied The Milepost and still have more questions, feel free to come back here, and we will see if we can help. But your first port of call has to be The Milepost.


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    Be prepared for all sorts of weather - - everything from very cold, very rainy (even snowy in a few places) all the way to warm! So not only pack shorts, pack a warm coat, umbrella and a raincoat.

    Lifey suggested The Milepost, which I will second that nomination. It's the best preparation.

    By far, FUEL is going to be your biggest expense, followed by overnights and groceries. Use the fuel cost calculator on this website and be sure to add some to the price-per-gallon, because fuel costs more in Canada. Also add some extra in your budget for the price of things in Canada.

    As far as overnights are concerned, The Milepost will indicate where the less expensive provincial campgrounds are located, and the state/national ones in Alaska.

    Groceries are available along the Alaska Highway in Canada. You aren't supposed to take more than a 7-day supply over the border with you, and it can take 10 days to traverse Canada if you stop anywhere to see anything. Dawson Creek has a couple of good stores, but then the next one with decent prices isn't until Whitehorse. (There are some in between, but be prepared to pay through the nose for something simple like a 6 pk of Pepsi!)

    We went to AK from California, a few years back. It was the trip of a lifetime. For a family of 4 pulling a 5th wheel trailer, we spent almost $6000, most of it on fuel, followed by overnights and groceries. We went up I-5, shot over to Sumas WA to cross the border there (less crowded crossing), then up through Hope and Prince George and on to Dawson Creek. We drove back down, back to Dawson Creek and Prince George, but then shot east to Jasper, Lake Louise and Banff, and crossed the border at Coutts/Sweet Grass to catch I-15. We took that interstate home, with some side trips.


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    thank you everyone for the help and info i willl take t all in and deff going to get the milepost to read i will inform you on everything

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