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    Default New York to California

    Hi guys this is my first post here so sorry if I seem like a rookie lol.

    Anyway so me and my 2 mates all from England and all aged 21 (or will be in 2012 when we go) are planning a long trip from NY to Cali within approximately a month and was just wondering what's the best thing to do regarding cars.

    I've read a few threads that say its virtually impossible to buy a car if you're not a citizen of the state you're in and various other stuff. But can you rent a car at 21 for that amount of time to return at the other side of the country? Also when you rent a car do you also need to purchase insurance or anything else or is that included in the price?

    Any other advice/information greatly appreciated.

    Thanks guys.

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    Default looking over there

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You are right that purchasing is generally not an option, and even if it was, it probably wouldn't be cost effective for a 1 month trip.

    Having said that, what you are proposing is about the most expensive way to rent a car. Because you are under 25, you'll be looking at an underage fee of about $25 per day, and because you want to do a one way trip, you'll also likely be looking at a drop fee that will likely add a few hundred dollars more to your rental rate. Insurance is generally not included in the base rate, although if you currently have a car you should check with your current insurance company to see what coverage may transfer with you in a rental in the US.

    In your situation, what could be the best deal is to look at some of the booking agencies based in the UK/Europe. Many times they can offer very good deals for drivers in your situation, that could very likely be better than you'll find in the US even by booking directly with the rental companies. Of course, for comparision sake, be sure to check out the reservations section of RTA to see what sort of rates you can find here.

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