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  1. Default Road trip advice please. Orlando to Key West 2012.

    Hey guys.

    This is a bit on the early side but I thought the sooner I posted the more info I am likely to recieve so here goes.....

    In June of next year I am flying to Orlando with my wife for a two week holiday. The first week we are spending "doing the parks" but then for the second week we want to hire a car and travel south. This is where you guys come in. We have absolutely no plans for the second week. We are completely open to suggestions, although there is obviously a couple of places we would like to include in our seven day road trip. We will be setting off from International Drive, Orlando on the 7th of June for seven days. Our journey will have to end at Sanford Airport on the 14th. Inbetween we would like to fit in (if possible), The Everglades, Miami and Key West. Apart from that we are open to suggestions. We are both in our early 30s if that has any baring on places to go.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Matt and Liz


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    Default A good place to start.

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    At this early stage, probably the best place to start is with a good map of Florida. If you are not able to get one locally, try the 'shop' on the green bar above. At such an early stage, I like to put sticky notes on the map as I do my internet research on each of the places, natural and man made.

    We do not know anything about your specific interests to make many meaningful suggestions, nor can anyone here lay out a route for you. That would mean you would be travelling our RoadTrip, and not yours. Suffice to say that there is much of interest along many of the scenic routes (all of which are marked on maps) and all of the keys, not just Key West, have many attractions. As do the Everglades.

    When you have laid out a route and marked the attractions which are of interest to you, be sure to fire away with any questions and the experts here will help you fill in the gaps. But the first place to start is with a good scale map of Florida.

    Enjoy the planning.


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    Thanks for that Lifey.

    I have taken your advise and have bought a large wall map on which I can put pins into possible destinations and try and mark out a rough route.

    I am under the impression that Miami is a must but are some parts better for others. We like lively nights and lazy days. Is there anwhere to watch the Miami sunset that is better than others?

    Also how far is it from Miami to The Everglades or vice versa? Coming from Orlando which would be better to visit first baring in mind we want to go on to Key West last.

    Thanks for your advice.

    Matt and Liz


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    Default A base in southern Florida

    We all have our must sees, and they are all different. I am not a fan of Miami. That is not to say that you won't love it, but I am not able to give you much information on that city. Most of the time when I am in south Florida, I stay for five days or so, in Florida City. This gives easy access to the Everglades and the Keys (as well as Miami), without being in a 'city'. Though staying along the Keys is special too. I prefer to have one base, and do most of my trips out of there.

    Not too sure about sunset in Miami, but dawn along the Keys can be spectacular with the birdlife and pelicans. When I have stayed along the Keys, I have been up before dawn to find a good spot to take some memorable photos. I would have to add, that I never decide where to stay, till I get there, and see for myself. But that is not everyone's way of travelling.


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