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  1. Default Help..english and traveling from SF to Yosemite,Sequoia,Kings Canyon and Vegas

    We will be traveling fron SF on wednesday 7th September going to Monterey for a couple days then onto Yosemite arriving Friday 9th
    We've done the trip from SF to Vegas before but not via Yosemite.My hubby and his pal are nad keen fly fishermen and want to fish in the park,so hopefully we can get some lodge accommodation in Yosemite.Ideally we would like to stay away from other human beings and close to a river....for obvious reasons.
    The plan is to stay in Yosemite for 4/5 days then onto Sequoia for 2 days before driving to Vegas to dump the cars stay a few days before flying home on the 23rd Sept (Friday)
    I know its all a bit vague but then again I only booked the flights yesterday so any help in planning this trip would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in anticipation

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    Default Nice trip.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Overall your plan seems to be in good shape. I have no idea with regards to Fly fishing, but there are sites like this one with info.

    Yosemite lodging can still be quite busy in September and although it doesn't take much to lose the crowds, I think the only way to get away from "human beings' would be to search for a private cabin/lodge close to the park. Something along these lines perhaps ? Lodgings can be found in and around the park [check out the 'RTA Reservations' link] at various locations but expect to be sharing with others. ;-) You could check out the 'Yosemite bug' for a 'rustic' experience that has good reports and is reasonably priced

    Have a look around the Forums and other RTA planning pages above where you will find Lot's of info on this area and if you have other specific questions, just ask.

    Enjoy the planning !

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    Thanks for the prompt reply i really appreciate the advice.
    Does anyone have any knowledge of wether it's better to stay in or outside the Yosemite park?....we are trying to find some secluded accommodation and a few cabins etc look like they are housed on small estates.

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    If you can find an opening in your price range, staying inside the National Park is generally better. The biggest thing is the time savings, as you're looking at about 45 minutes of driving to get from the Valley to any of the towns just outside the park. Of course, waking up to the fantastic views from inside the park is a nice benefit too!

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    Default Budget aside.......

    Staying in the park is so much better. It's the seclusion you want that may well present the problem.

    Here is the Yosemite National parks lodging options page.

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