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  1. Default California + Utah + Nevada

    Hello everybody!

    First of all, thank you all in advance for the help, comments, suggestions and ideas.

    Here is my plan. A road trip with my parents from Oct 4th to Otc 20th.

    Please share your ideas, any help and suggestion is more than welcome.

    1 -Oct 4th) SF. Arrive at Sfo at 1pm (from NYC, but my parents come from Europe, so they will be pretty tired after the trip). Pick up the car and go to the hotel. Relax. Unpack. Small walk, dinner and sleep. Any suggestions in hotels around $100/120 a day?

    2 -Oct 5th) SF - Visit San Francisco

    3 -Oct 6th) SF - Visit San Francisco.

    4 -Oct 7th) Sf > Route 1. Leave San Francisco, most likely visiting Twin Peaks and taking route 1 to star driving towards Los Angeles. Any suggestions in what to not to be missed? Planning to sleep any place along the route.

    5 -Oct 8th) Route 1 > Santa Monica. Continue Route 1. Arrive at LA, visit Santa Monica, Venice Beach and so on

    6 -Oct 9ht) LA > Mojave/Sedona. Visit Hollywood and leave right away toward Mojave/Sedona. Do parts of the route 66. Visit Calico (Is it worthy?). Cross North to South Mojave (From Road 15 to Road 40). Keep driving until Sedona in order to be as close as possible for the next day.

    7 -Oct 10th) Mojave/Sedona. Visit Sedona (Making a right in Ash Fork, South to Prescott, back North to Flagstaff passing by Sedona). Hopefully Arriving at Grand Canyon to see the sunset.

    8 -Oct 11th) Gran Canyon. Up early and visit different view points of the GC. Possible a route.

    9 -Oct 12th) Grand Canyon > Page/Monument Valley. Leave GC and visit horseshoe bend. Ideally visiting antelope canyon at noon because of the light (this can be done next day). Arriving at Monument Valley. See sunset and sleep either at Mexican Hat, Monument Valley or back at Page. Suggestions? Thanks!

    10 - Oct 13th) Monument Valley/Page > Las Vegas. Quick visit to Zion and keep driving to Las Vegas. Arrive at hotel. (Im considering the offers from Harra's. Cheap rooms and includes Buffet of Buffets! )

    11 - Oct 14th) Las Vegas. Visit the Strip, some relax and a few drinks....

    12 - Oct 15th) Las Vegas. Relax...

    13 - Oct 16th) Las Vegas > Yosemite. Leaving Las Vegas ( Passing by Death Valley and driving towards the doors of Yosemite Mono Lake (Tioga Pass Road should still be open by this time of the year...)

    14 - Oct 17th) Yosemite. Visit Yosemite. Probably staying inside of the park (if prices are not too high) or in Mariposa/nearby

    15 -Oct 18th) Yosemite > San Francisco. Visiting more of Yosemite, Leaving towards San Francisco. If in this schedule, possible adding Napa Valley/Sausalito.... suggestions?

    16 -Oct 19th) Napa Valley/Sausalito > San Francisco. This day is flexible! Its many days on the road and many things and places to visit and see. If we arrive directly from Yosemite to San Francisco on the Day 16 or even next one would be good. The point is enjoy the trip!!

    17 . Oct 20) SFO. Drop-off the car. Flight back to Europe (my parents) and NYC (myself)

    ANY suggestions, comments, help, advice, contact information, ideas and thoughts are VERY WELCOME!


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    Default Good start.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You have the basis for a wonderful trip there !

    Driving down the coastal highway around Big Sur is a treat in itself ! Monterey has attractions such as the Aquarium and there a state parks along the way. San Simeon/ Cambria would make for a good area to stop in and you could consider booking a Hearst castle our.

    From LA to Sedona, as you describe above, would be a very long day on the road with little time out of the car. Add to that Hollywood, Calico and it would become too much to expect to get to Sedona. [Hmm, I'm a little confused with the 9th and 10th as you say get to Sedona on 9th, but then say go through Prescott to Sedona on the 10th? ]

    As you enter the GC from the South you can exit along Desert view drive and out of the East entrance. It doesn't make much sense heading to Page and then back to Monument valley and then back towards Zion. From GC go to MV and then to Page.

    The Tioga pass should be open, but it is not a certainty. I doubt it would have closed for the season, but an early winter storm or ice on the pass can cause temporary closures and is more likely early in the morning until the sun gets to work on it. Keep an eye on current conditions.

    I would consider doing more than a "quick visit" to Zion, it is a wonderful park and you could 'pinch' a day from the end of your trip. You also have to consider how huge LA is and it's traffic is slow moving. You might spend a lot of your limited time in LA in traffic without much time to explore as much as you would like.

  3. Default

    Hello Dave,

    Thanks for your ideas.
    I have done most of this trip myself a couple of years ago and now Im taking my parents into this adventure!

    We'll skip attractions like the Monterey's Aquarium but thanks for the info of the Hearst castle. I did not know about them.

    From LA to Sedona is more the route we will follow more than the place we will sleep. Where we stay in will depends of what time we leave LA and how long it takes us to visit Mojave. ( Any tips about Mojave and Sedona? Better focus in one or visit both?). After sleeping in (wherever we arrive), we will continue and visit Mojave next day before arriving to GC.

    After GC the plan is to visit 3 places. Monument Valley (hopefully including a sunset). Antelope Canyon (to been seen in the morning/noon) and Horseshoe back (at any time). Same as before, it depends at what time we leave GC, we can do direct to MV or not.

    I will keep an eye on the Tioga pass conditions.

    Even I really liked Zion, at that point of the trip we may be willing to be in Vegas asap for some city and party..

    Been twice in LA and noticed how big it is (I hate it). But it is on our way and I have to show Hollywood and Santa Monica to my parents. Other than that, we will not be visiting anything else.

    Thank you for your ideas!!!!!

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    I have a doubt related with the route from LA to GC.
    I know We want to see Sedona but not sure of how good will be Mojave.

    In case of skipping this one (Mojave), would be better to go to Sedona from LA trough I-10 to Phoenix, then north north on I-17 to Sedona.

    Or the route trough I-40 is better? (more scenic, possible visits to Calico, Mojave..)

    Thank you

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    Default Little Difference, But...

    The I-10/I-17 route and the I-15/I-40 route from Los Angeles to Sedona are only 10 miles different in length, with the I-40 route being slightly longer, However, I think that I would recommend the I-15/I40 route for a couple of reasons. The first is Phoenix. While not as bad as that in L.A., the traffic in Phoenix should still be avoided if at all possible. The second is Oak Creek Canyon. This is the scenic approach to Sedona from the north. Rather than taking I-17 all the way south from Flagstaff, instead take the first exit off I-17 (Exit 337, AZ-89A south) and follow this down through Oak Creek Canyon into Sedona. It's a treat all unto itself.


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    So at Sedona, The best part is the Oak Creek Canyon. From Flagstaff to Sedona, a roundtrip tour? 89A and I-17.

    I was thinking in coming from I-17, making a right in Ash Fork, South to Prescott, back North to Flagstaff.

    Would that be good? Or Better the 89A South and I-17 North back to Flagstaff?

    Thank you!
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    Default I'm All For Loops

    And one that included, Flagstaff, Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona, Cottonwood/Clarkdale, Jerome and Prescott would make a great tour of northern Arizona. There's a lot of history and scenery along that loop, which I would suggest doing in a clockwise manner. and it could certainly keep you busy and entertained for several days.


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    Unfortunately I wont have several days but a few hours. Basically drive-through.
    So is it worthy to detour on Ash Fork, south to Prescott, then Jerome, Sedona and Flagstaff?

    Or better to just drive south from Flasgstaff to Sedona on 89A then north by I-17?


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    Default My way!

    Quote Originally Posted by s4michi View Post
    Or better to just drive south from Flasgstaff to Sedona on 89A then north by I-17?
    That is the way I went, and if you only have hours, rather than days, you will find more than enough to take your breath away through Oak Creek Canyon, all the way to Sedona.


  10. Default

    So I think I'll drive to Flagstaff, then south on 89A and, if we liked too much, come back north on the same road, if not, on I-17.

    Now I need help with Zion (considering Angel's Landing and The Narrows), Antilope Canyon/Monument Valley/Horseshoe Bend), Lodging in San Francisco, Yosemite etc..

    Thank you all!
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