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    Traveling from Vermont to Orlando with a couple teenagers. Trying to figure out if we should break the trip up over 2 or 3 days? I am concerned with staying in safe neighborhoods, even though we dont have any reservations yet. We just want to drive till we get tired and then pull off and stay in a hotel. Any advice?

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    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    You don't say when you are planning this trip, nor where in VT you are starting. At around 1300 or 1400 miles, it would be two very, very long days, and chances are you would all arrive too tired to enjoy anything. The most direct route would be down I-95, yet this corridor sees a lot of traffic which does not equate to the quickest route.

    My preferred route would be I-91 or I-87 to I-81, to I-77 and pick up I-95 in South Carolina. This is around 1500 miles and would be three days comfortable driving 9 - 10 hours in the car, with the usual stops for food, fuel, etc. It might even give you the flexibility to stop when the teenagers spy something of interest. You will find accommodation at most of the exits along the interstates. There should not be any issues with safety at these.

    As for driving till you feel tired. Perhaps not the wisest idea. By the time you feel tired, it is probably already too late. Best you decide to break up the trip into regular bites before you set out, and choose your accommodation while you are still feeling alert to make the best decisions. Remember, travelling in a car can be just as tiring for passengers as it is for the driver.

    Have a safe trip.


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    What we do is take a trip like that and divide it into 3 equal distances. For you that would be 475 miles per day or so. Then look at a map and decide what cities/towns would fill the bill. Unless it's a tiny town, it will have a motel or two and a restaurant. Smaller towns have less expensive motels than the larger ones. Or, if it's a larger town, stay on the opposite side on the edge of town for both less expensive lodgings and to avoid the next morning's rush hour. We always set a goal, and its rare for us not to meet that goal. It keeps us from getting overly tired.


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