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    My boyfriend and I are traveling from the Atlanta area (Athens, more specifically) to New Orleans in mid October. We're not sure where to stop on our way there and back. Any suggestions for cool places to see between Atlanta and New Orleans? I'd also appreciate tips of "must-see" places in New Orleans. Thanks for your help!

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    Everyone's idea of "must see" places will be different. Some people could not miss the jazz and blues clubs, while others couldn't care less about them! Others love the French Quarter while their friends would rather spend time in the other historical places. Look around this website for ideas, or give us a better idea of your interests so we can suggest them.


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    Donna is right, of course. There are no 'must sees' that apply to everyone. But we can offer some general suggestions based on what we've found interesting in our various travels. There are actually a couple of low key attractions I've enjoyed that are roughly on your way and worth the slight detours to get to them (if you share my taste in history). The first is FDR's Little White House in Warm Springs,GA. The other is Old Cahawba outside Selma, AL.


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    Another attraction not too far out of the way is Cheaha State Park in AL. That is a place I thoroughly enjoyed. It is also the highest point in Alabama.


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